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Welcome to Foot Centre Group!

If you are looking for a team of experts to help you with your foot or ankle concern – we can help you!

We are a group of highly skilled podiatrists who are experienced, friendly and passionate about providing the best care for every foot they see.

We aim to not only treat, but to educate and rehabilitate our clients. Our motto is “keeping you moving”.  Our motivation is to have you moving free of pain no matter what motivates you to move – be that getting from A-B in daily life, or a special sporting goal.

Our clinics are located in Moorabbin, Edithvale, Sandringham and Malvern East.

We cant wait to meet you and your feet!

Podiatry Services

No matter what your concern. We have a solution.

Our friendly team of podiatrists offer a range of services to get you moving freely again. You can find out more about our podiatry services by clicking on the below titles.

General Foot Care

At The Foot Centre Group, we attend to all general podiatry needs including; Trimming and filing of toenails, removal of corns and calluses, treatment of fungal toenails, plantar warts and athlete’s foot. Following treatment, we will assess the cause of your issue,  preventing reoccurrence.

Sports Injury Management

An athlete at any level will find it difficult to perform at their best with painful feet or poor foot posture that is potentially causing problems at the knees, hips and/or lower back. Our podiatrists have extensive knowledge and experience with the treatment of sports related foot injuries and the rehabilitation process.

Diabetes Assessments

If you have either Type I or Type II diabetes, it is extremely important that you have a podiatrist assess your foot health on a regular basis to help prevent foot complications associated with diabetes from occurring.  Such complications include loss of sensation and reduced blood flow to the feet, which can lead to diabetic ulceration if the feet are not properly cared for.

Orthotic Therapy

Foot orthoses are used to correct the posture of the feet and improve the alignment with the knees and hips, allowing the lower limb to function more efficiently.  Our fully equipped onsite laboratory ensures accurate and individualised orthotic prescription and onsite orthotic adjustments.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails occur when part of the nail pierces the skin and causes the toe to become red, inflamed and painful. It is important that an ingrown toenail is attended to by a podiatrist as soon as possible.  Should  you have a persistent ingrown toenail, a small surgical procedure can be done that provides permanent removal of the piece of nail that is growing into the skin.

Home Visits

The Foot Centre Group can provide a home visit service for people who are house bound or have difficulty transporting themselves to our clinics. All of our services can be performed in the comfort of your home.  Call to make an appointment 9553 0044

Dry Needling

Myofascial dry needling is a treatment modality that is used by our podiatrists in conjunction with orthotic therapy or other soft tissue therapy. It is used to desensitise trigger points within a muscle belly of the lower limb that is causing discomfort or altered walking / running biomechanics.

Children's Foot Care

Children’s feet require special consideration as the growing foot provides a range of unique problems and challenges.  Your child may be complaining of pain, or as a parent you may have concerns about your child’s walking pattern or foot development. Our podiatrists provide a thorough assessment to help diagnose any paediatric foot problems that require treatment and possible ongoing management.

Cam Walker Boots

At The Foot Centre Group, we stock a range of Cam Walker immobilisation boots at both our clinics. The boot will be adequately fitted by one of our skilled podiatrists to ensure maximal comfort is achieved.

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