Orthotic Thongs

Do your feet need to be supported, able to breathe and look great in summer? Maybe orthotic thongs are for you!

 Archies orthotic thongs are now available at Foot Centre Group in store and online

Thongs, barbecues and Aussie’s go hand in hand; now you can be comfortable doing what you love, just in time for summer! Traditional thongs and flip flops have developed a bad name overtime, but Archies Arch Support Thongs have come up with a solution! Comfy footwear in warmer weather such as flats and sandals are hard to find; especially if you have heel pain, arch pain or any pain for that matter. Archies may help reduce strain on your lower limbs and redistribute areas of high pressure in your feet as you walk. And they come in a huge range of colours to suit everyone! 



Arch Support more than 2cm of extra support through the arch 

Raised Heel elevated heel to help offload the Achilles and tight calves 

Light super lightweight! Like walking on air!

Secure Fixture no risks of the strap ripping out of the shoe and very secure across the toes to reduce clawing and prevent digital deformities 

Specialised Foamspecial material which moulds the orthotic thong to your foot over time 


  • Archies orthotic thongs incorporate the same amount of support that you would find from an ‘off the shelf’ orthotic, however they look just like normal thongs. Learn more here.
  • Archies are an Australian company and they are designed by physiotherapists and endorsed by podiatrists, everything has been taken into consideration and there is nothing that they haven’t thought of! On top of all of this Archies are a great alternative for temporary support when you are not wearing your orthotics
  • Archies are suitable for a large range of pathologies that may affect your feet. 
  • Having a stable toe strap is great for preventing digital deformities due to the clawing of your toes to grip to the shoes. It also allows more efficient activation of your arch to help you to propel when walking. This feature is helpful for someone with plantar fasciitis.
  • The raised heel function allows a reduction of strain through the Achilles tendon and brings the ground up to your foot. A person who has restricted ankle range of motion or heel pain may also find this to be of some relief.
  • The arch support is ideal for controlling your excessive mid foot pronation and may help with some of your medial knee pain due to internal rotation.
  • Archies come in  so many different colours – there is bound to be the perfect one for you
  • Archies provide the support and comfort that you need. Learn more about the potential flow on effects of your feet rolling in here and how


Fitting in terms of width

In terms of width, Archies Thongs are designed to be a reasonably narrow fitting thong. The outside edge of the foot hangs over the edge to some extent in most people, so please do not be concerned if this is the case for you, as this is the normal fit for Archies Thongs (as per the below image). It is important to note, that while the foot overhangs to some extent in most people, it is quite rare that we cannot fit Archies Thongs to someone’s feet, no matter how wide or narrow they are. Even in the case that you have a bunion that overhangs, this is ok, the most important thing is that the thong is comfortable and the orthotic sits in the correct position on the foot.

Fitting in terms of length

In terms of length, the thongs were designed with a reasonably ‘snug / tight’ fit in mind. If you go too big in terms of length, the orthotic does not sit in the correct position on the foot. It is important to note, that it is not a concern if some of the back edge of the heel hangs over the edge of the thong (as per the below image).

Of course, if your heel is completely over the edge of the heel cup and squashing down on the rim of the thong, then that is different, however, some heel overhang is ok. Again, the most important thing is that the thong is comfortable and the orthotic sits in the correct position on the foot.

Archies have a tighter strap

Archies Arch Support Thongs have been designed with a tighter strap than normal thongs. This is because in thongs with a loose strap, the toes claw down in an attempt to keep the thongs on the feet. Normally when you walk your toes are supposed to point / bend upwards. When the toes point / bend upwards, this activates the arch of the foot which helps provide protection and support to the vital structures of the feet. When the toes claw down such as when trying to keep the thongs on the feet, the arch does not activate correctly which means that you do not get the protective support from the arch of the foot. This can leave the foot tired and achy, vulnerable to stress and potential injury. The tighter strap found in Archies Arch Support Thongs may help to reduce toe clawing which may enable you to walk more naturally.

It is important to know, that if the strap feels a little too tight at first, do not worry, the strap is very elastic, within a few days of wear, the strap will gradually stretch and mould to the shape of your feet.

However, if the strap feels too tight it is very easy to stretch the strap and the toe pole until it reaches your desired level of tightness.

How do I stretch the strap?

Before stretching the strap, always inspect on the underside of the strap for a joining line. Occasionally, a joining line will be present and is indicated by a faint line through the underside of the strap. While the strap is very strong, if you stretch the strap directly on a joining line, it can break, so never stretch the strap directly on a joining line

Size Guide/Fitting Guide

Archies Arch Support Thongs are a unisex thong, however the sizing of Archies Footwear follows US Men’s sizing.

For women, your Archies Thong size will always be one size less than your normal ladies size. For example, if you are normally a size 8 US Womens, then the corresponding size in Archies Thongs would be a size 7 US.

Archies Footwear Size Conversion Chart

archies footwear sizing

It is important to understand that peoples feet do not fit perfectly to a size chart, therefore, using your foot / existing thong measurements is simply a much more precise way to get a fit that is specifically suited to your foot, rather than just using a size chart that does not account for quarter and half sizes etc.

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