Ankle Injuries

Many insurance companies require a prior authorization for this drug. As with any medication, drug interactions can be an issue. Ankle Injuries   Whether it’s a twist [...]

Shockwave Therapy at Foot Centre Group

You may have an extremely sore painful heel, be struggling to put your foot down in the morning, be suffering from plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinopathy and have done some googling and seen [...]

Podiatry and Medicare rebates

Una mamba, un bulto duro e indoloro o el movimiento de un testículo podrían ser un sistema de cáncer. La sedación acordada proporciona condiciones de tratamiento adecuadas para el tratamiento de [...]

Orthotics – treatment and care

Wearing in your Orthotics Orthotics will alter your lower extremity mechanics, and a gradual break-in period is advised. Start with 1-2 hours on the first day and add time per day as tolerated. [...]

Fungal nail treatment options

Fungal nail – Treatment and options Topical Treatment Options A long process no matter what solution you use.  It is important you continue to treat the fungal nail until all the [...]

Blister Treatment and Prevention

Are you seeking blister treatment? Keep reading…. Blister Treatment and Prevention  Have a blister pack made up and ready that has products for both treatment and prevention of blisters. [...]

Hiking shoes, socks and orthotics

Hiking shoes, socks and Orthotics SHOES Ideally, you need a specific walking shoe, or hiking shoe/boot.   Fit is important.  Have someone knowledgeable guide you into the right shoes for your [...]