Podiatrist Approved Best Women’s Shoes

What are the best women’s shoes to wear? Here are the top 5 recommendations from a podiatrist.

We’ve all heard beauty is pain – but what if it didn’t have to be that way! Enjoyable feel, reduced discomfort and style can all be described for the same pair of shoes – you just have to find the right ones! 

There is so much that goes into a women’s shoe, whether it be a walking shoe, a pair of sneakers or leather boots. The technology, the hardware, the sole, the function, the style, the materials and most importantly the purpose. 

When it comes to comfortable shoes you must take into consideration all of these things. What are you using this shoe for? Running and walking? And if so on what surfaces? And how often are you running; what distance are you covering? Are you hiking and is this on uneven surfaces? Netball and tennis shoes are needed for lateral movement, does this shoe help prevent injury? 

Who knew you’d have to think of this many things. Have a look at some of our recommended options, however you should always discuss previous surgeries, foot function and current injuries with your podiatrist or a specialist shoe fitter. 

Best Women’s Shoes For Optimal Health and Comfort

Veja Shoes are an up and coming French brand who pride themselves on being sustainable. They have just released a vegan range of shoes and use recycled materials and do not use anything synthetic. 

They are stylish and comfy – go check out their Campo, V-10 and Marlin’s for ultimate comfort and support. 

Keen shoes are the perfect example of building a shoe for it’s purpose. Their trial running and hiking style shoes have a more snug fit due to their needed performance and outcome for you. 

Another great feature of Keen’s is their bungee lacing technology which can accommodate a wider foot type. 

The Terradora range in Keen shoes are for hiking, offer a range of different ankle heights for lateral ankle stability. If you head out rain, hail or shine you should opt for their waterproofed shoes. 

The Terradora range have thought of the foot function and common hiking problems and aimed to counteract them. For Achilles blisters and tendinopathies they have added a cushioned panel. Natural grooves within the shoe to allow normal movements and have multi-directional lugs for traction and stability. 

If you haven’t heard of On Running shoes and you are a keen runner – look no further! These will be your go-to! 

On Running have incredible reactive technology for your training type and surface needs. They will have a perfect running shoe for you.  

These shoes have ‘clouds’ under the sole for shock absorption, foot posture correction and powerful ground reaction forces. You’ll feel like you are running on clouds. 

For tempo training, try the clouder surfer; for maximum cushioning and long road runs try the cloustratus. For everything in between search the website which has diagrams to demonstrate the best shoe for you and what you need it for. 

Best Standing Shoes

Merrell shoes have a strong focus on their light-weight comfort, support and environmental wastage. The cloud range of Merrell’s casual shoes have an EVA sole for last and in built  arch support. The laces and upper are recycled materials. 

Keep your feet warm and cosy in the colder and stormy weather. The Allbirds mizzles are made of thick wool and water repellent for full winter comfort and warmth. All of the Allbird insoles are moisture wicking and in turn reduce odour from sweat and bacteria on your feet. For a positive spin on footwear, Allbirds measure their carbon footprint from materials to delivery and constantly improve this and encourage all of their customers to do the same. 

Every girl has their classic fashion winter boots that they love and wear to death. New boots are hard to find once you need to replace your trusted shoes. Head to Bared Footwear and Frankie 4 as all of the boots have an in build biomechanical foot bed. Even if your orthotics aren’t that transferable into the shoes, the shoes can still hold those feet in all the right places. For good quality shoes that will last over many winter seasons Bared guarantee the quality of their leather and materials on the midsole, upper and heel. The best fashion boots for women – these 2 brands have got you covered.

Best Walking Shoes

Do you have troubles with bunions, digital deformities, morton’s neuromas or big toe arthritis? May we suggest the Hoka One One’s as your walking shoes? These shoes have a meta rocker technology which makes walking heel to toe a breeze. Furthermore, J frame technology counteracts excessive pronatory forces. The Clifton 7 and the Bondi 6 are amongst the most popular running shoes, if you’re after extra speed take the Carbonx2 for a spin. 

If your feet roll inwards and causes slight pain a great walking shoe solution is Asics Gel-Kayanos with its shock absorbing technology and duomax foaming to reduce pronation of your foot. It is always advised to see a podiatrist if you are unsure of your gait and walking style. 

Neutral shoe recommendations with breathable mesh are Asics Nimbus and Glideride’s in a walking shoe. Want to stay neutral but want some fresh colours and funk the Saucony Endorphin Pro’s are a must have. Saucony are proud of their carbon plate design, energy return and energy efficacy that their customers are raving about. The Saucony shoes are not only functional but have a snazzy style too.

Hats off to New Balance this season with their fresh foam range, the cushioning is unbelievable, come in different widths and have a rocker to help propel you forward. They are lightweight, come in cool colours, good for your feet and shock absorption.

Lastly, the Brooks Ghost 12 are an all rounder in terms of their make. They are good for short or long distance activities and maintain their lightweight feel. Its proprioceptive sole adapts to your walking to enable deflection of pressures and assist body aches further up the chain of your body. 

Best Sneakers

To all the trendy sneaker lovers, Frankie 4 is for you. Podiatrist designed shoes with a foot bed in every pair of shoes. It has a 2 zoned support system, heel support, arch support and forefoot support to reduce pressures on the ball of your feet. 

On top of this, with every pair of shoes that you buy, it comes with a sole saver pack of different fitting insoles to completely customise the shoes depending on your pain levels, foot shape and deformities. 

Everyone loves a classic white sneaker, our favourites this season are the Adelaide and the Sabrina which come in velcro for extra width accommodation and a breathable leather style. 

Perfect for everyday stylish wear, new and improved cool white shoes to get around in.

Our next top pick for sneakers come from Bared Footwear. Another great option, also podiatrist designed. All of the shoes, sneakers, flats and heels have a custom footbed; the closed toe shoes have the removable option for you to replace it with your own orthotic if needed. The 4 features of the Bared insole are a metatarsal dome, a cuboid notch, arch support and a heel cup – great comfort combo! The Bared shoes additionally come with a fit kit allowing the shoe to suit a more narrow or wider fit. Our personal season favourite sneakers are the Skua and the Hornbill – style and support = match made in heaven! 


It is really important to get a shoe that works for you day to day. If the shoe has the most advanced technology and research behind it but it’s not comfortable – the shoe isn’t right for you. 

Some tips – if you have 1 foot bigger than another, buy to fit the bigger shoe. 

If your second toe is longer than your big toe, go one thumb width above the second toe. 

For your walking shoes or sneakers make sure the laces are the correct lacing technique for your foot, lacing the shoes differently can make walking and being on your feet all day a lot more bearable.

Discuss any surgical procedures, joint restrictions or mobility problems as certain designs may aid function and enhance your mobility. 

Depending on your situation, if you have an orthotic to support or correct your foot posture, generally opt for a neutral runner or shoe where the materials are balanced evenly across the shoe and allow the orthotic to aid your foot condition. 

Happy shoe shopping for the best womens shoes out there! 


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