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Ankle Injuries


Whether it’s a twist of an ankle on the soft football grass, a sprain on the hard netball court or a strain whilst out for a sunday jog, Ankle injuries are an extremely common injury presented to Podiatrists. However, a leading cause for an Ankle injury, is failure to rehabilitate a previous one. Foot Centre Group Podiatrists can help!

Most ankle injuries can be categorised into two groups;


  1. Inversion ankle injury
  2. Eversion ankle injury

Inversion Ankle injuries are the most commonly occurring ankle trauma. With this type of injury, the ankle “rolls out” and places stress predominantly on the lateral (outside) structures of the ankle. 

ankle sprain

With any lateral ankle injury, it is common to strain or tear, one or more of the ligaments of the ankle. 

Abbreviated to ATFL, the Anterior Talofibular Ligament is the most commonly strained structure of ALL ankle injuries.

Common to all strains or tears, we can often categorise each level of injury into 3 categories. 

Category 1

A Category 1 ankle injury can be defined as any mild damage to one or more structures of the ankle, without any joint instability. 

  • Return to sport time frame ~1-3 weeks

Category 2

This level of injury is considered a partial tear of a structure. The affected structure will often stretch and become partially loose. The structure will require immobilisation and rehabilitation to strengthen, in order to minimize the risk of re-injury. 

  • Return to sport time frame ~4-6 weeks

Category 3

A category 3 ankle tear is a complete, full thickness ligament injury otherwise known as a “rupture” of a ligament. 

  • This level of injury requires urgent assessment from your podiatrist as is often associated with fractures of the Fibula, Tibia or Talus bones of the foot. 
  • Return to sport time frame ~10-12+ weeks


Your podiatrist can refer you for Diagnostic Imaging if deemed necessary, with the luxury of these scans often being bulk billed when referred by one of our Podiatrists. 


Once a diagnosis is confirmed, your Podiatrist will tailor a structure rehabilitation plan to your specific needs. The team at Foot Centre Group are all experienced in the management and treatment of ankle injuries, giving you the utmost confidence you’re in safe hands. 


If you have any concerns in regards to to an ankle or foot injury  give us a call on 9553 0044 or book online here. Your Podiatrist will be able to give you the best advice to ensure you give your feet the very best care they deserve.

Foot Podiatry that keeps you grounded!

Written by Rhys Pierce – Podiatrist at Foot Centre Group

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