Blister Treatment and Prevention

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Blister Treatment and Prevention 

Have a blister pack made up and ready that has products for both treatment and prevention of blisters. There are no fast rules; figure out which products work best for you.  

Basic blister prevention pack might contain the following:  A small roll of Fixomull, Nupor or Mefix tape, some Moleskin patches, some second skin patches or a pre-made blister pack. A small container of Friars Balsam with cotton tips as applicators. A small roll of Sports tape. 

Basic blister treatment pack might contain the following: A small bottle of hand sanitizer, a couple pairs of gloves, scissors, antiseptic skin wipes, non-adherent dressings (such as Allevyn Thin or Mediam 210), a small bottle of antiseptic liquid for wounds such as Betadine, cotton tipped applicators, a sterile blade, gauze, Fixomull, Nupor or Mefix tape and a small roll of sports tape and some felt padding.   If you are constantly getting bad blisters when you are training and this is not getting better with time, then have your shoes, socks and innersoles reviewed, as they might be inappropriate.

What To Use and When:


Some people like to cover their feet and around the toes with strips of Mefix (white sports tape), for the first few days of hiking to prevent any friction between shoe/sock and skin. Get your podiatrist to show you how.


If you feel a pressure area ‘hot spot’ or notice any redness on the skin when you take your shoes and socks off – start taping this area – using the moleskin (pink felt) and/or Mefix (white tape).

BLISTER – closed and full of fluid

If a blister has formed and has not popped – looks like a bubble – use one of the sterile scalpel blades and prick a small hole in the blister to drain the fluid, leaving the top layer of skiblisters on footn intact. Flush with sterile saline (don’t use the whole sachet, save some), then douse in BETADINE and dress with a non-stick dressing – this could be the Nupor (cut to size) or the Mediam 210 (SHINY SIDE ON THE BLISTER) with Mefix over the top covering the entire dressing.

Remember that whenever you are applying the Mefix tape – make sure it comes up either side of the foot; this will stop it rolling down and blistering under the foot.  If possible cut the ends of the dressings round – helps to prevent it peeling in the corners.

BLISTER – already open and raw skin showing

The best you can do is remove any lose skin using scissors or the sterile scalpel blade (be careful). Then flush with saline, douse in BETADINE and dress with a non-stick dressing – this could be the Nupor (cut to size) or the Mediam 210 (SHINY SIDE ON THE BLISTER) with Mefix over the top covering the entire dressing. This is also the type of blister that you might then use the u-shaped felt pad over the top of the dressing to take the pressure off the blister.


If you do get a blister and you treat it as mentioned above and then after a few days it heals, you will see new pink skin, it won’t be sore to touch at all.  You can then dress this are like a pressure area mentioned above – using moleskin and Mefix.


If you get a blister under the nail, it will often be a blood blister so the nail will look bruised – it can often be very painful and will throb a lot.  You will need to pop the blister to release the pressure.  Using the scalpel blade try to pop the blister from the top under the nail edge, if you cannot access the blister this way, you will have to use the blade and go straight through the top of the nail plate – create a small incision in the nail, then dress as you would an open/raw blister.

This is all just in case!! Murphy’s law – if I don’t give you all this info and supplies – you will need it – so here’s hoping you won’t use hardly any of it!!

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