Casual shoes recommended by a podiatrist

Excited to go shopping for a new pair of shoes? Or maybe you have no idea what to look for in a good shoe? It can be a challenging task, especially with all the brands and styles. Not to worry, we have some tips for you! 

When looking for new shoes, consider these characteristics:

  1. Heel counter: 
  • Firm around the back of the shoe to make sure your heel and ankle does not move around 
  1. Flexion at the forefoot:
  • Our bones move at the base of our toes when we walk,therefore, flexion of the shoe should also occur
    there, ensuring the flex is positioned near the fold of your big toe and doesn’t go past 45-50 degrees.
  • If you can pick up and shoe and fold it in half, this does not have the requirements of a supportive shoe.
  1. Width: 
  • Make sure you are not getting any rubbing or pressure on the side of your big and little toe
  • If possible remove the innersole from the shoe and place the foot on top if any toes or parts of your foot is
    overhanging this indicates that the shoe is too narrow for you. 
  1. Depth: 
  • Make sure there is no rubbing or pressure on the top of your toes. 
  • If you have retracted toes, sometimes buying a shoe with a stretchable upper material such as mesh or
    lycra, can provide more comfort. 
  1. Laces or velcro:
  • It is preferred that the shoe has some way to fasten the foot into the shoe to decrease the risk of the foot
    moving around in the shoe. 

Tips from our Podiatrists:

  • Your foot swells the most in the afternoon, therefore, try to purchase shoes in the afternoon.
  • If you are prone to blistering in footwear, book in with one of our Podiatrists and we can help offload
    those areas to decrease friction. 

Shoe brand recommendations from our Podiatrists:

If you have any other issues or questions, book an appointment with one of our Podiatrists and we will be
able to help!  If you would like to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists you can book online, or call
one of our clinics on 9553 0044 (Moorabbin) or 03 9772 9579 ( Edithvale).

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