COVID 19 – What we are doing at FCG



At Foot Centre Group, the health and wellbeing of our team, clients and community is always at the forefront of our commitment to healthcare.

COVID 19 is affecting all of us in one way or another so I just wanted to take a moment to ease your mind about your ongoing care in our clinics, along with options of accessing podiatry care at FCG.

As primary healthcare professionals, it is important that we help to ease the pressure on Victoria’s healthcare system. We are determined to continue to service our clients to ensure that they remain healthy and active. To achieve these goals, we are implementing Telehealth consultations (online video) and will be offering podiatry home visits at a discounted rate.

What we are doing

As a clinically-led health care business, we pride ourselves on already having comprehensive infection control systems and practices in place.

In response to COVID-19, we are going above and beyond all the recommended precautions.

✅ We have hand sanitiser available at our clinics
We have a COVID Safe Plan in place
✅ We are wearing face masks and face shields
✅ We have undertaken specific COVID-19 Government training to prevent cross-infection
✅ Our cleaners are attending our clinics more frequently
✅ We have set up our welcome rooms to abide by the recommended social distancing
✅ We will practice social distancing by not offering to shake hands and maintain minimal person to person contact
✅ We continue to wipe down all communal surfaces in our clinic between clients
✅ Our magazines have been removed from our welcome room to reduce the risk of cross-contamination

What if I can’t come into the clinic because I need
to self isolate?

At FCG, we offer TeleHealth Consultations (Online consultation) and Podiatry Home Visits for those of you who may be self-isolating or can not come into the clinic.

Podiatry Home Visit Consultation

We understand given the current situation you may not be able to make it into our clinic. Although it is business as usual at our clinics, please rest assured we have taken the necessary precautions to protect our clients, team and the wider community within our clinic and when attending home visit consultations.

We want to ensure you have access to our podiatry care and will be providing additional home visit podiatry services at a reduced cost.

✅ Call or book online to make an appointment.
✅ Our staff will call you prior to your home visits to run through a few questions
✅ $110 per home visit consultation

Telehealth Consultation

Accessing essential health services is not always convenient or possible, which is why at Foot Centre Group we proudly offer online podiatry services to all of our clients.

An online podiatry consult (TeleHealth), is a great way to keep you moving forward with your management plan during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Telehealth consultations are very similar to in-clinic consultations. This online system allows us to provide 1:1 podiatry services via video link. You will be able to see your podiatrist, and your podiatrist will see you.

We can offer the following during a online consult:
– Assessment and/or Review of your injury
– Diagnosis
– Education and Advice
– Treatment
– Guidance through Exercises and Stretches designed to alleviate symptoms and rehabilitate your injury
– A Personalised Rehabilitation Program through our exercise software.

At the end of your TeleHealth consultation, we will prescribe a comprehensive management plan and exercise program to help get you back to doing the things you love to do.

Follow-up consultations will take place as normal, where your podiatrist will review your progress and assist your rehabilitation.

✅ Call or book online to make an appointment.
✅ All you need is internet connection and a device (mobile, i pad or desktop computer)

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