It is important to have the correct footwear for your sport. Runners/walkers are designed with the demands
of the activity and are designed for straight line running/ walking and not side to side movements.
Netball shoes are specifically designed for the demands of the sport side- to side movement, pivoting and
start stop movements. 

It is important no matter what level you or your child is playing at, that they are in the correct netball shoes
as they help to reduce chances of sprained ankles, knee injuries and fractures. This is due to Netball shoes
having differing features:

  •  Structured Upper: Helps to reduce lateral movement (side to side) of the foot
  • Differing outsole: Netball shoes specifically have a wrapped outsole and pivot points these features allow
    for high durability and reduced injury. 
  • Lower heel pitch: It is traditionally slightly lower than a traditional runner. A reduced heel pitch/stack height
    keeps us lower to the ground and reduces our centre of gravity which is needed when changing direction,
    pivoting, jumping and landing. 
  • Stiffer through forefoot

When it comes to deciding which netball shoe is correct for you, it can be difficult to decide which one.
There are two brands on the market currently that specifically do Netball shoes; these are Mizuno and Asics.
Below we have listed some models and their features. 



Model Features
Netburner Professional
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Feels like a running shoe
  • X-groove for change of direction and pivoting
  • Wrapped outsole
  • Standard B width
Netburner 20
  • Deeper heel
  • Good for player with a history of heel pain/ achilles
  • X-groove for change of direction and pivoting 
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor courts
  • Wider fitting- D Width
Netburner Ballistic
  • Forefoot cushioning 
  • Feels like a running shoe
  • Great for shooters/keeper
  • Standard B Width
Netburner Super
  • Lightweight shoe 
  • X-groove on the outsole through the midfoot, to allow for multidirectional change
  • Pivot point at the forefoot
  • Wrapped outsole
  • Standard B width



Model Features
Wave Stealth
  • Lightweight 
  • Stability and cushioning
  • Wave plate provides midfoot and lateral support
  • Forfoot flex grooves- allow for pivoting, change of direction and full ground contact
  • Suited to indoor and outdoor courts
Wave Phantom 
  • Lightweight – feels like a runner
  • Good for all positions
  • Suited to indoor and outdoor
  • Standard B width
Wave Mirage
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for midcourt players
  • D flex groove- allow for easier change of direction 

If you are unsure which netball shoe may be right for you or you have had previous injury and want to avoid re-injury
for the upcoming season it is always best to be assessed to ensure you are getting the right shoe and treatment
for your issue. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists you can book online, or call
one of our clinics on 9553 0044 (Moorabbin) or 03 9772 9579 ( Edithvale).

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