What is a Medical Pedicure or Medi Pedi? 

What is a Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure or a “Medi Pedi” is a luxurious foot treatment performed by a Podiatrist in a safe and sterile environment. Unlike traditional salon pedicures which focus on making the feet look good, they often neglect the real foot problems and can sometimes make them worse! Medical pedicures are aimed not just at cleaning up the feet, but examining the nails, skin and foot as a whole to understand why particular issues occur. 

Podiatrists are very qualified to treat all complications that commonly arise from nail salons such as fungal and bacterial infections, ingrowns from poor cutting techniques and even warts. However, we believe that prevention is key which is why a Medical Pedicure is a professional alternative to a traditional pedicure. 

Medical Pedicures can be used to treat any of the following concerns:

What happens during a Medical Pedicure?

During your Medical Pedicure, your Podiatrist will fully assess your feet overall and discuss the particular concerns you have regarding your feet, skin and nails. A management plan will be written for on-going treatment to ensure all concerns are addressed.  

Firstly, all nails are cut, the sulci are cleared and the nails are filed to make sure there are no rough edges. A burr is then used to thin out the nails if needed. Thinning of the nails removes the outer layer in order to restore their natural colour, remove any nail polish or decrease pressure from the thickness of the nail. Any signs of ingrown nails will be addressed and fixed as well.

The Podiatrist will then use a sterile blade to painlessly remove any callus or corns on your feet. This will then be smoothed out using a Moor’s disc.

Tea Tree oil is then applied to the nails and in between the toes, cuticle oil is applied to the cuticles and emollient moisturiser is applied to the feet through a gentle massage to help improve circulation, aid in fluid retention and release muscle tension in the feet. 

What makes a pedicure a medical-grade pedicure?

The main difference between a Medical-grade pedicure and a traditional pedicure done at a nail salon is that the treatment is carried out by a qualified Podiatrist rather than a technician. Podiatrists are healthcare professionals who have completed a University degree and are experts in anything to do with feet. 

The benefit of this is that in addition to ensuring your feet look and feel great, Podiatrists are able to identify, diagnose and treat any foot concerns you may have. For example, if you have an ingrown toenail, we will be able to treat it and prevent it from returning! Podiatrists are qualified to answer any of your foot concerns and create a management plan to best suit your needs.

Podiatrists are also qualified to remove any callus and corns away from the foot using a medical scalpel blade. Whilst traditional nail salons “shave” away the superficial layer of callus, this unfortunately does not remove all of it. Podiatrists also use a Moor’s disc to help smooth out the skin.

Another point of difference between a Medical Pedicure and a traditional pedicure is the adherence to strict hygiene standards. As Podiatrists, we are held to strict infection control standards which means that all of our instruments are to be sterilised immediately after use using an autoclave to ensure complete destruction of any disease-carrying microorganisms. We are also required to clean the treatment chair and any other surfaces after each client. Unfortunately, traditional nail salons are not held to the same standards which increases their risk of infections. 

What are medical spa pedicures?

Even though we want your Medical Pedicure experience to be a luxurious experience, we also have to consider the best way to be as sterile and hygienic as possible. This is why here at Foot Centre Group we choose to perform “dry” Medical Pedicures rather than a “spa pedicure” as spa pedicures are perfect carriers of infection. Even after the water has been drained and the area cleaned, there can still be microorganisms present, especially fungal calls and wart viruses, which can then be transferred to the next person! 

This however does not mean that the “dry” Medical Pedicures are not luxurious. We still cleanse the feet first with an alcohol based solution, cut, clear and file all the nails and even buff them down. In addition, we also provide a paraffin wax to help smooth and rehydrate the skin. `

The cost of a Medical Pedicure is $85 (June 2021) We also accept Private Health Insurance and claim your rebate on the spot. 

When to see a Podiatrist:

Overall, it is clear that medical pedicure is a great way of keeping your feet healthy and looking good. If you have any issues with your feet or want your feet feeling and looking great, book an appointment with us!

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