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Wearing in your Orthotics Orthotics will alter your lower extremity mechanics, and a gradual break-in period is advised. Start with 1-2 hours on the first day and add time per day as tolerated. Once inserts can be tolerated for 6-8 hour periods, you may begin to wear them for activities. Ensure that you also follow your podiatrist instructions regarding any stretching and/or strengthening exercises, as these will all work together to aid your recovery as part of your treatment plan.

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Once your gradual wear in period is completed, wear your inserts as much as possible to protect the foot and lower extremity. Once symptoms have abated, other footwear without orthotics can be worn periodically, depending on your injury or the advice of your podiatrist.


Your orthotics are designed for a particular style of footwear. Having a second pair of orthotics for different shoes can prolong the life of an orthotic and avoid the need to swap your orthotic between different shoes. A more slimline, or supportive orthotic can be made depending on your footwear requirements.


Caring for your Orthotics Periodically use a mild detergent and warm water to wipe down the orthotic cover, or an antibacterial wipe – never immerse in water. It is advised to wear socks with your orthotic when possible. Your orthotics should be regularly aired, and if they become wet left out of shoes overnight to dry. Leaving your orthotics for several hours in sunlight  and swabbing the orthotic overs with tea tree oil can help kill any bacteria or fungus and reduce odour. Keep your orthotics away from dogs that like to chew : )


Inspect your Orthotics Remove your orthotic from your shoe periodically to ensure no debris has gotten under your devices causing instability or excessive wear e.g sand or dirt. Check no part of the device is experiencing excessive wear. Check the covers, and any posting under the orthotic. Orthotics may occasionally squeak when walking. If this is happening try talcum powder, wax or soap to the edges of your orthotics or to the inside of the shoe. If this does not help please do not hesitate to contact your podiatrist as there are other means to eliminating squeaking.


Typical Wear and Life Span will depend on several factors including a patient’s activity level, size and frequency of use. The padding and top covers will tend to wear out before the shells. When you begin to see excessive wear, make an appointment with your podiatrist for a review. After a biomechanical examination your practitioner may choose to make new devices if your foot has changed since your orthotics were made, or refurbish the devices you already have. At the Foot Centre Group we recommend an annual orthotic review appointment to ensure your orthotics are performing well.

If you or someone you know required their orthotics to be reviewed , please call us at Foot Centre Group on 9553 0044 to book online here.

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Written by Bianca David  – Podiatrist at Foot Centre Group

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