What makes Foot Centre Group Different?


What makes Foot Centre Group Different?

Podiatrist clinics are such an up-and-coming profession that they are everywhere we look. I know for me when I was looking for a job, I wanted to work somewhere that stood out and gave patients a “WOW” factor after every appointment. Once I found Foot Centre Group, I knew that this Podiatry clinic was different. Different in what way you may ask? Foot Centre Group brings customer care back to its roots through going above and beyond in their care in many ways. Foot Centre Group accommodates to your foot needs as well as your personal needs so that you as patients are cared for in a holistic manner.


We have many different services that allow us to go above standard treatments and aid in all your foot needs. These treatments include:

  • Shockwave therapy at no additional cost to a standard appointment. Our shockwave machine uses “radial pressure wave therapy” which delivers energy into tissue in ultrasound waves. It could certainly assist with decreasing your pain and hastening the resolution of your injury. It could also allow you to complete your rehabilitation exercise to strengthen your tendon to make it more resilient to injury.
  • Dry needling is an effective technique used for the treatment of muscular pain. This is achieved using an acupuncture needle to help resolve trigger points within a muscle. This treatment is used in conjunction with other methods to aid in the management of a pathology.
  • Foot Centre Group has an orthotic lab within its complex which allows for in house modifications to be made on the spot. The benefits of this is that your orthotic does not need to be sent off for weeks to another orthotic lab to be modified, but can be modified during your consultation.


The Podiatrists at Foot Centre Group take pride in continuously broadening their scope of practice through attending seminars and keeping up to date with the latest research. They work as a team to problem solve and further understand complex cases for the best care to be delivered. Not to mention all the hard work that the lovely receptionist does to aid in all your enquiries as well as put a smile on your face before and after your appointments.

The whole team at the Foot Centre Group is unique in their approach to your foot needs, as they go above and beyond to make sure that you walk out of your appointment with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.


If you have any concerns regarding a foot concern  give us a call on 9553 0044 or book online here. Your Podiatrist will be able to give you the best advice to ensure you give your feet the very best care they deserve.

Foot Podiatry that keeps you grounded!

Written by Georgia Miltiadou – Podiatrist at Foot Centre Group

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