Work Experience at Foot Centre Group by Chris

Best 3 days of my life.

Podiatry is an ever-expanding field of Allied Health as more and more people are realizing the importance of looking after their feet and feeling the benefits. I’ve always had an interest in Allied Health and since I am a patient at Foot Centre Group, I decided to apply for Work experience. Let me tell you, that was one decision I would never regret in my life. Ever.

In the short space of 3 days, the amount of knowledge I feel I have accumulated is incredible. Every single person at FCG knows an incredible amount of apparently everything. On the first day, I was almost overwhelmed with information within the first 2 hours. Already it was evident that this field is a field I would love to spend time in. A field that would challenge me and reap the rewards of helping others with in specific areas of the human body.

There is so much to Podiatry that I was unaware of. Initially, all I knew about the field of Podiatry was Orthotics and their importance but there is much, much more. Like another 80% more. Such as treating fungal infections. While they are not exactly visually appealing, it is very interesting. Fungus can grow very easily in a nail, however; the nail or toe would have needed to either using tools that have not been disinfected with your toes or to experience a trauma and then have contact with anyone or anything else. Fungal nails can occur easily in the feet as they are confined in a sock for the majority of the day. Damp dark areas are perfect for the growth of fungus. Podiatry Clinics are the perfect place to go. There are multiple treatments and even nail surgery. Tea Tree Oil is also great as it is a natural antifungal and antiseptic. Perfect for feet smelling nice and keeping them clean.

It seems that with a bottle of Tea Tree Oil and a scalpel, there is very little a podiatrist can’t accomplish. The scalpel is extremely handy for corns and calluses. Both of these are the skin’s response to pressure or friction in the shoe. Both calluses and corns can be painful so I observed the scalpel skills which were very impressive the control without causing pain to the patient.

My 3rd favourite part of my work experience was working with Orthotics. The amount of modifications I saw as an example is incredible. One thing that sets FCG apart is that they modify and repair Orthotics on site. Learning the process is simply jaw dropping. Instead of sending the orthotic off to a lab and wait for 2 weeks for miniscule adjustments. Also, the podiatrists have an idea of what the orthotic should look like and it makes it so much easier without having to explain again and again what is required to be produced or modified. Honestly, the process of it is quite fun even though I’m still wary of the Grinder, but I’m glad I always had eyes and hands near me so I felt pretty safe. Everyone I observed knew exactly what they were doing and the speed of the process is amazing.

My 2nd Favourite part was just being with patients. Learning their history in the clinic is incredible. Everyone is different and even the general maintenance was interesting, as well as listening to the patient’s stories. I guess private practice has benefits like that. Also, I was so impressed with how every staff member seemed to remember the patient’s backstories and it was just an incredible experience.

But really, my favourite part was simply working with each staff member. Each and every one of them are very different in the way of personalities but all are welcoming, entertaining and highly knowledgeable. Every single person has taught me something special. All of them have slightly different solutions to the same problem and each of them are highly effective. I especially enjoyed learning about what some people get up to in University.

The list of what I have learned and enjoyed is endless. If I went back in time, I would not change working at Foot Centre Group. For anyone else who has an interest in helping other people and has a love for biology like me, I would highly recommend this rewarding path. I know I can’t wait to get out of school and follow this path myself.


Written by Chris M

Year 10 St Bede’s Student

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