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The time for our beloved kids to go back to school is fast approaching. As such you may be finding that your child/children have either grown out of their current school shoes or have scuffed and scraped them beyond repair.

It’s important to buy the right kinds of shoes for your kids in order to provide them with enough comfort and support during their day to day school activities and sport.

Here are 3 main things you should look Children’s school shoes:

  1. Always make sure that their shoes are fitting correctly
    • Even if you have only just purchased shoes a couple of months ago, your child’s feet can grow quite rapidly
    • They can grow so fast that they may even go up 2 sizes in the space of 6 months
    • Because of this you should try and accommodate for growth when buying shoes so you don’t burn a hole in your wallet
    • This doesn’t mean buying shoes that are way too big with the thought that your child will grow into them, because shoes that are too big can lead to the foot sliding forward which results in excessive pressure on the toes.
    • When buying shoes for your child, you should aim to have about a thumbs width gap between the end of the shoe tip and their longest toe (which is usually the big toe or the second toe depending on your child’s foot shape)
    • If you have noticed your child’s feet growing check that the shoes are still an appropriate length as shoes that are too tight can cause blisters, corns and calluses on your child’s toes and heels which can then lead to infection. They may even get ingrown nails.
    • Symptoms of infection from ingrown nails include pain, redness, swelling and sometimes pus down the side of the ingrown nail.
    • If you suspect this has happened, you should book an appointment today on 9553 0044 for an opinion.
  2. Replace Shoes that have worn out
    • Generally shoes should be replaced every 400km of walking/running activity
    • This amount of activity is usually accumulated over the course of a year, or sooner if your child is very active
    • It’s important to replace them because shoes will lose their ability to lose shock over time once the cushioning and arch support wears out.
    • If your child continues to wear worn out shoes it places them at higher risks of developing heel pain, Achilles tendonitis and ankle sprains, especially if they have flat feet.
    • Other signs that the shoes may be worn out include an excessively worn sole, the material on the upper has holes in it or is ripped in places.
    • When buying new shoes make sure that the shoe has a stiff heel counter (the section at the back of the shoe shouldn’t compress when you squeeze it), that the shoe only bends at the toe and that the mid portion of the shoe doesn’t twist (you can test this by trying to wring the shoe out like a towel)
  3. What to do if your child has flat feet
    • If your child has been diagnosed with flat feet or your suspect that your child might have flat feet there are certain features you should look for in shoes to provide their feet with more support and comfort
    • Try and find shoes with a wider toe box and more medial posting (meaning maximum arch support) and more shock absorption.
    • Lace up shoes are better
    • If your child is experiencing pain from their flat feet they may need orthotic inserts in their shoes so try and buy shoes that can accommodate additional supportive inserts


The Podiatrists at Foot Centre group recommend the following shoe stores

Our podiatrists are extremely experienced with children and will carry out a through assessment and treatment plan to ensure you children is preforming at their best.

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