Returning to Running


Are you returning to running?


Top 5 MISTAKES when it comes to retuning to running:

1.) Too much too soon: As you return you must only increase by 10% weekly. For example, Start by running 1km x 3 weekly and increase to 1.10km x 3 weekly the following week.

2.) Continuing to wear an old pair of runners: Runners lose their support, comfort and shock absorption if they are over a year old. It’s important to invest in a new pair!

3.) Weak upper body: Your glutes play a major role in keeping your body in the right form and posture during running. Strong glutes allow even weight to be distributed through the lower limbs and can help to prevent knee and ankle injuries. A return to running program must incorporate upper body strength to keep up with the demands placed on the body during running.

runner sore ankle

4.) Make sure you stretch before AND after a run. Stretching your Achilles, Calves and glutes ensure your body recovers well and the muscle stay supple for next time. 

5.) Running through injury: Even ongoing niggling pain is a sign that something is not happy – Consult a professional for advice. Podiatrists and physios can assess the body to work out not just the problem, but also the cause.


If you or someone you know are getting back into the swing of running , please call us at Foot Centre Group on 9553 0044 to book online here.

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Written by Chelsey Tregear  – Podiatrist at Foot Centre Group

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