What are Shin Splints

What is Shin splints?

Shin splints is a common term used for medial tibial stress syndrome. It is an overuse injury of the leg and refers to pain that is experienced anywhere on the on top or inner side of the shin bone (tibia). Shin splints are believed to be caused by the tendons and muscles that run the length of the shinbone which pull on the bone creating inflammation.  

Who gets Shin splints?

Both adults and children can have this and can occur with any physical activity. It has been reported to occur more frequently in military recruits, distance runners, dancers, football players and gymnasts.    

What causes Shin splints?

The cause of this is often multifactorial that is mainly biomechanical in nature as well as training errors. The most common causes are;

  1.       Over pronation of the feet
  2.       Over supination of the feet
  3.       Inadequate footwear
  4.       Running or jumping on hard surfaces
  5.       Increasing training too quickly
  6.       Decreased flexibility of the ankle joint

What are the signs and symptoms of Shin splints?shin splints

  1.       Pain or ache felt along the top or inner side of the shin bone
  2.       Pain at the start of exercise which often eases with activity
  3.       Possible swelling or redness
  4.       Pain worsened in the morning after activity the previous night
  5.       Focal pain in a small area of the shin bone may indicate a stress fracture


Treatment of Shin splints

  1.       Rest to allow the injury to heal- maintain fitness with other non weight bearing     

          activities such as swimming

  1.       Apply ice to the area at the early stages to reduce inflammation and pain
  2.       Begin a strengthening and stretching program
  3.       Seek professional help (podiatrist or physiotherapist) for assessment and correction of lower limb        

          biomechanics to prevent reoccurrence and aid in recovery. This may often involve  

          customised orthotics and footwear review/ recommendation

  1.       Gradually return to activity

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Written by Yasemin Gezmish  – Podiatrist at Foot Centre Group



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