Worst Shoes for your feet

How To Avoid Buying the Wrong Shoes How important are correct shoes? Our feet are the foundation of our everyday lives.  Every good foundation must have the right support.  Most of our lives are [...]

Flat Feet in Children

Common Causes and Best Treatments for Flat Feet in Children What Are Flat Feet Pes Planus is the medical term for flat feet. Flat feet meaning that the arch of the foot is collapsed or pronated [...]

Running with Flat Feet

Running with Flat Feet Running is one of the most common forms of exercises and the motion of running is involved in a variety of sports and competitions around the world. Feet play a very [...]

What is the NDIS?

What is the NDIS? The national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) is an australian government run scheme that funds the support required for those living with a permanent or significant [...]

Diabetic Foot Assessment

How does diabetes affect your feet? Diabetes, both type 1 and 2 can have a large impact on your feet. According to Diabetes Australia there are over a million people in Australia who have been [...]