Podiatry and Medicare rebates

Can I get a medicare rebate for my podiatry appointment? In short, YES Although podiatry is not an allied health service that is automatically rebatable, you may be eligible for a medicare rebate [...]

Returning to Running…..

  Are you returning to running?   Top 5 MISTAKES when it comes to retuning to running: 1.) Too much too soon: As you return you must only increase by 10% weekly. For example, Start by [...]

Orthotics – treatment and care

Wearing in your Orthotics Orthotics will alter your lower extremity mechanics, and a gradual break-in period is advised. Start with 1-2 hours on the first day and add time per day as tolerated. [...]

Orthotic thongs -Archies Thongs

Looking for a cool, trendy and yet comfortable alternate to your thongs……           Archies orthotic thongs are now available at Foot Centre Group in store and online   [...]

Fungal nail treatment options

Fungal nail – Treatment and options Topical Treatment Options A long process no matter what solution you use.  It is important you continue to treat the fungal nail until all the [...]

Blister Treatment and Prevention

Are you seeking blister treatment? Keep reading…. Blister Treatment and Prevention  Have a blister pack made up and ready that has products for both treatment and prevention of blisters. [...]

Hiking shoes, socks and orthotics

Hiking shoes, socks and Orthotics SHOES Ideally you need a specific walking shoe, or hiking shoe/boot.   Fit is important.  Have someone knowledgeable guide you into the right shoes for your [...]

Podiatry Home Visit – Melbourne

Podiatry Home Visit Are you looking for a podiatry home visit? The Foot Centre group is one of the few clinics around the Bayside Area offering Home Visit Podiatry Care. We understand that it can [...]

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