Bared Competition T&C’s

Win a pair of  shoes   The following terms and conditions apply to the Facebook competition (“the competition”) for  “ Bared shoes giveaway”. Entry into the competition will be deemed as [...]

Managing heel pain

  Rhys’s top tips to manage heel pain Here at Foot Centre Group, one of the most common presenting issues for our patients, is heel pain. Heel pain can stem from a wide variety of [...]

Podiatry and Medicare rebates

    Can I get a Medicare rebate for my podiatry appointment?  In short, YES  Although podiatry is not an allied health service that is automatically rebatable, you may be eligible for a [...]

Returning to Running…..

  Are you returning to running?   Top 5 MISTAKES when it comes to retuning to running: 1.) Too much too soon: As you return you must only increase by 10% weekly. For example, Start by [...]

Orthotics – treatment and care

Wearing in your Orthotics Orthotics will alter your lower extremity mechanics, and a gradual break-in period is advised. Start with 1-2 hours on the first day and add time per day as tolerated. [...]

Archies Orthotic Thongs

Looking for a cool, trendy and yet comfortable alternate to your thongs……           Archies orthotic thongs are now available at Foot Centre Group in store and online   [...]

Fungal nail treatment options

Fungal nail – Treatment and options Topical Treatment Options A long process no matter what solution you use.  It is important you continue to treat the fungal nail until all the [...]

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