Keeping your feet warm this winter


Keeping your feet warm this winter!


Winter is a time to rug up and stay warm. However, feet are usually rejected during winter. It is important to look out for pathologies which are commonly caused by cold weather, the most common being chilblains.

Chilblains are patches of discolouration, commonly affecting the toes. Chilblains are caused by a combination of cold weather along with poor blood circulation. Symptoms include:

  • A burning sensation on the skin
  • Red, blue or white swollen patches
  • Intense itching
  • Dry skin, leading to splits and cracks


Here at Foot Centre Group, we have some tips to make sure your feet survive the winter chills.

  1. Keep feet warm – This can be done through wearing two pairs of socks or through wearing woolen or cotton socks.
  2. Keep feet dry – Dry feet thoroughly after showering and also after exercising in the rain.
  3. Moisturise – Continue to moisturise your feet throughout winter to make sure your skin doesn’t become dry and flaky. Make sure not to moisturise in between your toes.


Foot Centre Group – Moorabbin also stocks warm socks and slippers to help keep your feet warm:

Happy Socks: Made with cotton and polyester, as well as creating smiles through their colourful and fun designs.

Archline slippers: Packed with arch support and warm polyester/ cotton inner lining. These slippers are ideal for plantar fasciitis, heel pain and other foot conditions. They are also designed to provide optimal relief and comfort to your feet in winter.

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Written by Georgia Miltiadou – Podiatrist at Foot Centre Group










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