Medical pedicure – “Medi -Pedi”

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Can’t get to the nail Salon?
Are you feeling sad or uncomfortable that you’re unable to head to the nail salon for your ritual nail treatment? We can help you in many ways!

As podiatrists we are experts of the feet and can offer you a safe foot and nail treatment that will get your skin and nails looking better than ever before. Podiatrists are medical professionals who follow strict guidelines for infection control for your safety, and in the time of Covid-19, we have increased our already gold standard hygiene practices to ensure absolute safety to both yourself and us.

What is a Medi-pedi or medical pedicure?
A Medical Pedicure or ‘Medi Pedi’ is a medical grade pedicure. This means that your pedicure and the care of your feet and nails is carried out in a safe and sterile medical environment by qualified podiatrists in a professional environment.  As podiatrists, we deal with all things feet, this makes us the perfect fit to look after you and your feet.

Medical Pedicure

What happens during a Medical Pedicure?
During your ‘Medi Pedi’ service the podiatrist will assess your feet and talk to you about particular concerns you may have regarding your feet, skin and nails. This may range from the discolouration of your nails to a sore spot on your foot.  We will also discuss an on-going treatment plan to address any foot problems you may have.

Firstly, the feet and nails are cleansed. The nails are cut and filed and a burr is used to thin the nails if needed. Thinning the nails removes the outer layer of the nail plate to restore their natural colour and remove yellow discolouration/staining from previous nail polish. If the nails are considerably thickened then thinning them with the burr will improve their cosmetic appearance and can reduce any discomfort. If there are any signs of ingrown nails the podiatrist will fix this also.

The podiatrist will then use a sterile blade to painlessly remove any corns or callus if these are present. Hard or rough skin is buffed away to ensure you are left with a smooth finish.

Finally, the podiatrist will then apply an emollient moisturising cream to your feet whilst giving a gentle massage to finish off.

For your safety and the reduced risk of infection, we choose to perform a ‘dry’ medi-pedi. The use of water and foot soaks carry microorganisms, especially fungal cells and wart viruses.

*Please note we are unable to provide the application of nail polish at this stage.

What makes a pedicure a medical grade pedicure?

  • Your treatment is carried out by a podiatrist, a medical health professional rather than a technician. As podiatrists, we have completed four years at university and are the best fit to serve your feet.
  • As medical professionals, we’re able to identify, diagnose, assess  and treat any foot problems that you may have. For example, if we identify a fungal infection in your toenails we will alert you to this and identify a treatment plan for you.
  • As a professional podiatry clinic, we only use state of the art medical grade equipment.
  • Podiatrists are qualified and professionally skilled in the use of medical scalpel blades to fully remove callus and corns. This allows us to go deeper than the superficial level of the skin to ensure you feel much lighter on your feet.
  • As registered health professionals we are governed by AHPRA who set strict infection guidelines which we adhere to. Our instruments are commercially sterilised after every use.
  • You can claim the cost of your appointment if you have private health insurance. This mean you only pay the gap!
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