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Is Foot Centre Group Edithvale Part of the NDIS?

At foot centre group Edithvale we are a provider service for the NDIS. The national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) is an australian government run scheme that funds the support required for those living with a permanent or significant disability. The idea of the NDIS is to help people living with disabilities live a life of independence and confidence.

What NDIS Podiatry Services Does FCG Edithvale Offer?

We offer all our podiatry services to NDIS funded clients. However, what can be funded by the NDIS is dependent on the individual’s case. The National Disability Insurance Scheme has developed a list of categories in which services can be provided. We are able to provide services under the following categories:

  • CB Daily living
  • Improved Daily living skills
  • Assistive technology

We offer a wide range of services, all which can be funded by the NDIS. Some of our commonly used services include:

  • Routine foot treatment including nail and skin care
  • Biomechanical assessments which involves assessing the joints and muscles of the foot and legs. From these results a strength and conditioning program can be made to improve areas of weakness which are tailored directly to the client.
  • Gait assessment which includes observing the way you walk and run. This is useful for helping to find the right pair of shoes!
  • Footwear assessment
  • Creation of foot orthoses to support the shape and function of your feet
  • Nail surgeries to remove ingrown nails permanently
  • Fungal nail testing and treatment options

At Foot Centre Group Edithvale we base our services focused around the individual needs and goals of our clients to achieve the best outcomes for them.

Are There Any Specific Podiatry Treatments That Aren’t Covered By the NDIS at FCG Edithvale

There are no specific podiatry treatments not funded by the NDIS at foot centre group. As mentioned above, it all comes down to the level of funding on an individual’s plan. It is a good idea to have some knowledge on what funding is available to you so we can ensure all treatment is funded. If the funding does not meet the requirements for a service our podiatrists are happy to talk to case managers about possible changes to funding and can work out a plan of attack to meet your goals. If you require a service we don’t offer then our podiatrist are also happy to reach out within their network to other allied health professionals who are disability support providers.

If I Receive Podiatry Services at FCG Edithvale, How Do I Claim with the NDIS?

Claiming is very simple as long as you have the required information with you which includes your NDIS management plan if you are self funded or your case manager’s name and contact information if you are not self managed. From here we can send the invoice to the person in charge of your case so they can do the claiming directly for you. If you are self funded you can pay on the spot and then take the invoice with you and claim on your own behalf.

Does FCG Edithvale Offer Home Visit Podiatry Services Under the NDIS?

We do offer home visits to our NDIS clients provided they live within a reasonable distance from our clinic in Edithvale. Whether you are funded by this under your NDIS plan is dependent on your individual case and funding so it would be worse discussing this with your support coordinator to check if this is fundable. We also offer home visits around our other locations at Moorabbin and Malvern East.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With At-Home Visits?

We can perform almost all of our treatments at a home visit. If you require a particular service then it’s a good idea to let your podiatrist know before they come to visit so they can pack the required equipment. This is in cases such as wound care so we can bring the required dressings and offloading equipment. We can even review orthotics at a home visit.

How Do I Book NDIS Podiatry Services at FCG Edithvale

Make an appointment by clicking on this link to our website: or please feel free to call us today at our Edithvale clinic on 03 9772 9579. You should have all your case information handy including your case number, email and phone numbers for your network of contacts to make life easy for our reception staff and yourself!

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