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Is Foot Centre Group Moorabbin Part of the NDIS?

Yes, Foot Centre Group is a proud provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Across Australia, there are 4.3 million people with a disability. The government funded NDIS aims to financially support those over 65 with a permanent and significant disability. The goal is to provide these people with the financial support to lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

What is a permanent and significant disability?

This means that the disability is likely to extend for a lifetime. A significant disability refers to a disability that places a large impact on every day day activities.

There are currently just under 500,000 people benefiting from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

If you need more information on how the National Disability Insurance Scheme works, you can access all the current information on their website.

What NDIS Podiatry Services Does FCG Moorabbin?

ALL of the services we provide across our Edithvale and Moorabbin clinics are funded by the NDIS, however, each individual NDIS client will have a different allowance on their NDIS plan. This may limit what services you can access through the funding.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has developed a list of categories in which services can be provided. We are able to provide services under the following categories:

  1. CB Daily living
  2. Improved Daily living skills
  3. Assistive technology

What are some of the services we can provide to an NDIS client at Foot Centre Group?

  1. General nail and foot care
  2. Custom fitted footwear, specific to the clients needs
  3. Custom orthoses
  4. Specific strength and conditioning, determined by the clients individual needs and goals
  5. Ingrown toenail treatment and surgery
  6. Biomechanical gait and running assessments

Our goal as your podiatrist is to provide genuine and honest care, to ultimately give our clients the best possible outcomes. At Foot Centre Group we pride ourselves on our involvement with the client in the treatment path and goals. We believe that each client should be involved in their treatment plan to ensure their goals and needs are met to the best possible standard.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the clinic.

Are There Any Specific Podiatry Treatments That Aren’t Covered By the NDIS at FCG Moorabbin?

No, there are no specific podiatry treatments that aren’t covered in our clinics, however, the management plans and funding given will vary greatly from client to client. The best way to ensure your service is covered by the NDIS is to have the conversation with your support coordinator.

Our podiatrists will be more than happy to get in contact with any other healthcare professionals (physiotherapist, Osteo, exercise physiologist, etc) that may be included in the care of the client. Your foot health is our top priority, so you can be sure our service will be of the highest quality.

If you don’t already have the support service through the NDIS, you can check your personal eligibility here:


If you wish to apply for NDIS funding, you can do this here:


If I Receive Podiatry Services at FCG Moorabbin, How Do I Claim with the NDIS?

Claiming your Podiatry services with NDIS at Foot Centre Group is made incredibly easy with our fantastic reception staff. You will be required to provide your NDIS number and either;

  1. Your management plan  – This is if you are self managed or
  2. Your case manager name and contact details (this includes email address, contact number and organisation contact details, as well as any other information you think we may require in order to assist you the best way possible) and your specific NDIS management plan

If you are unsure about what is required from you our staff are more than happy to help with your queries, or alternatively you can find any information you need on the NDIS website.

Does FCG Moorabbin Offer Home Visit Podiatry Services Under the NDIS?

Absolutely! If your home is located close to the Moorabbin, Edithvale or Malvern East clinics, we are able to provide a home visit for an NDIS client, as long as Podiatry is covered in your specific devised management plan.

If you aren’t sure whether home visits are covered in your management plan, always best to liaise with your support co-ordinator.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With At-Home Visits?

At Foot Centre Group we are equipped to perform a variety of treatments in the comfort of your own home. These include, but are not limited to;

  1. General nail and skin care
  2. Wart treatment
  3. Wound management
  4. Pressure wound offloading
  5. Orthotic reviewing
  6. Footwear advice

Some of these treatments require specific equipment, so we always recommend that you let us know what we will be treating so we can come to your home well equipped with everything we need to provide the best possible care.

How Do I Book NDIS Podiatry Services at FCG Moorabbin

If you or someone you know has an NDIS plan and feels as though our Podiatry care is needed, please phone our team on 03 9553 0044 or book an appointment online now.

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