Arch Support Thongs


Arch support thongs are an ergonomic option to allow for improved foot function while still being able to wear your favourite thongs. They are comfortable and provide arch support which is comparable to an over-the-counter orthotic device resulting in reduced strain on the foot musculature. Our arch support thongs are designed to reduce slippage in your shoes and therefore lessening the strain on your toes to grip onto the shoe. This is achieved by a tighter strap over the foot and the use of a non-slip fabric. At Foot Centre Group we source our Arch Support Thongs from Archies Footwear and stock only the high arch products allowing for maximum support for your feet. Archies thongs are designed by leading Physiotherapists and Podiatrists, and come highly recommended by our professionals at Foot Centre Group. Archies thongs are available in a range of colourways from black, to lilac and yellow allowing you to wear them for all different occasions!

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