Blister Prevention and Treatment

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Blisters are often developed from friction and can occur in between the toes and on the foot. There are many products that can be used to combat and treat blisters from occurring or re-developing. All products used for blisters aim to reduce friction between the toes or on the skin and can be used for everyday wear or specific events where you may be at risk of developing blisters. The PediMove Toe Protectors are a versatile product that can be altered and trimmed for specific toes. They have a silicone lining creating comfort and are easily washable between uses. Reducing friction and pressure, they lessen the risk of blister development during your day-to-day activities. Another popular product recommended by Podiatrists are Tubular Toe Foam Bandages. Coming in a range of sizes for different toes, they can be trimmed accordingly and are made to cushion the toes reducing pressure from footwear.

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