CAM Walker/Moon boot


CAM Walkers or Moon Boots are used to aid recovery by reducing load and movement at the ankle and foot. Moon boots are a great device to allow for weight bearing and day-to-day activities whilst recovering from an acute or chronic injury. The rocker-bottom sole of a CAM Walker acts to allow for smooth transition during walking gait without ankle movement therefore permitting even pressure across the whole foot. Moon Boots can be worn for many weeks with timeframes varying for the individual injuries encountered and are most commonly removed overnight to reduce risk of circulatory complications. At Foot Centre Group, we acquire CAM Walkers with an air pump to ensure the boot can be worn for extended periods of time allowing for air pressure to maintain a snug fit when your swelling decreases. Our CAM walkers are all Tall sizes and sit just below the knee as these provide greater support for the ankle. All Podiatrists at Foot Centre Group are qualified to fit your moon boot and provide advice on a treatment plan as you come out of your boot and ensure a safe transition back into activities.

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