Compression Sleeves and braces


A support or brace can be beneficial following an acute injury, for day-to-day wear or provide assistance in your rehabilitation process. Braces can be used to stabilise and support a joint to allow for comfort and early return to activities. The ASO Ankle Brace is highly recommended by health professionals and is an extremely versatile device allowing for individual needs. Our qualified Podiatrists at Foot Centre Group can help with fitting the brace and providing professional advice around initial injury rehabilitation and return to sport guidance to reduce risk of re-injury.

Compression to the foot and ankle has been proven to help reduce pain and swelling, and improve blood circulation back up to your heart. All compression socks are suitable for day-to-day wear or for sporting activities making them versatile and comfortable depending on your individual needs. They are suitable for people from all walks of life and are recommended by Podiatrists regularly. Our compression ankle sleeve is great for those who spend a lot of time on their feet and are looking for some daily comfort and a reduction in pain.

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