Foot Care Products


Taking care of your feet is an important part of your everyday life. Reducing your risk of cracked and painful skin through regular maintenance, or using adhesive devices to create forefoot space are some common ways of maintaining the longevity of your feet. Our Foot File with a wooden handle and the Ruck Instruments Callus Remover are great at home accessories that are Podiatrist approved due to its durability, ease of use and course filing surface, making them suitable for callus removal between appointments. The Metatarsal Pad is a popular choice and comes highly recommended by Podiatrists for forefoot pathologies such as Morton’s Neuroma. They come in multiple sizes accommodating all foot types. You’ll also find a shoe horn in all of the Foot Centre Group Podiatry rooms making it simple and easy to put your feet in your shoes whilst also protecting the heel counter of your footwear from damage.

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