Foot Creams

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Foot creams are used to assist in alleviating dry skin and callus. Creams are a great way to add some moisture to your skin and strengthen the skin cells to prevent callus formation and cracking. Ingredients such as Urea in your heel balm are perfect for acting on the skin in the most beneficial way. Urea draws on moisture within the body to bring it towards the skin surface to improve hydration and helps with exfoliation and regeneration of skin, which promotes a smooth and strong protective barrier. The Walker’s Pedicream utilises urea as its active ingredient and is the perfect cream for your feet to combat any callused, dry or flaky skin. Our experienced Podiatrists use this in clinic every day at Foot Centre Group and it is strongly recommended to our clients due to the results seen with consistent use and the high quality of the cream given the inclusion of urea.

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