Gel Pressure Relief and Toe Straighteners

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The use of gel devices for your toes aim to reduce rubbing, friction and deformities. They create space between your toes and allow for muscle strengthening in their correct alignment while also reducing pain caused by overlapping toes. Gels tend to have a longer life than other fabrics available and are comfortable for day-to-day wear. The Functional Toe Spreaders are a unique device that aims to restore toe alignment and toe splay. They are comfortable to wear barefoot or with socks and can be used for many pathologies affecting your toes. Made out of a soft silicone material, they are comfortable and have become a popular choice amongst professionals to restore original toe alignment. Our gel toe sleeves are another popular choice amongst Podiatrists due to their protective nature and ease as they can be washed and reused. Our Toe Trainer can be used to offload interdigital pathologies but is also a common tool used as a splint for acute injuries such as a fractured toe.

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