Heel Lifts and Wedges

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A common device to act on the heel and foot are lifts and wedges. These types of inserts can be permanently inserted into the shoes due to their adhesive backing which reduces sliding and lifting in footwear, however alternatively they can be great for swapping between footwear if needed. Heel lifts act to reduce tension on the heel by supporting tendons, muscles and bones, while also allowing for greater dorsiflexion to occur at the ankle joint. Heel lifts and wedges can be used for a range of pathologies including limb length discrepancies, Achilles pathologies and Sever’s Disease. Heel wedges act similarly, but are most specific to reducing pronation of the foot. Heel lifts come in different thicknesses for different pathologies and at Foot Centre Group we stock 4mm and 6mm as these are our most commonly used. We source heel lifts made from high density EVA to ensure longevity and comfort for all clients.

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