Podiatry Felt, Toe Foam and Fleecy Web

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The use of fabrics such as felt and foam is useful to reduce load, redistribute pressure and provide comfort to the different parts of the foot and toes. Adaptable to all foot shapes and sizes, felt and foam can be individualised to your needs and is often adhesive for a more permanent solution. Depending on your needs, all fabrics can be cut into many shapes to suit your foot structure or trimmed to the length of your toes to create a specific device. Tubular Toe Foam Bandages are an excellent choice for many of your toe pathologies including corns, hammer toes and calluses. They can be trimmed accordingly and come in a range of sizes making them appropriate for all your toes to provide cushioning and a protective barrier. They are a popular choice amongst Podiatrists at Foot Centre Group as they are non-invasive and contain a 100% cotton lining.

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