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The Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis, or ASO Ankle Brace, offers remarkable support, comfort and durability, making it the sports medicine professional’s choice.

ASO Ankle Brace Features

The ASO ankle brace offers stability and support to the ankle joint through a variety of durable and comfortable features. These features include adjustable figure six straps to secure the ankle into the desired position. Laces run from the distal to proximal portion of the brace to allow a comfortable fit for all ankle shapes and sizes. The ASO ankle brace and ankle stabiliser comes with removable plastic splints that run along both sides of the ankle for added structure and stability, these can be removed for high intensity activity when slightly more motion is needed for shock absorption. They can also be added back into the brace for the acute (initial) stages of healing and rehabilitation.

When Should You Wear Ankle Braces? 

Ankle braces should be worn in the initial stages of recovery from an ankle sprain – this includes after rolling an ankle, acute ankle sprains, twisting your ankle and other acute (sudden) ankle injuries. Ankle braces should be worn to help reduce excess motion in the ankles whilst healing to 1. Prevent further damage to the ankle ligaments and 2. Provide a stable and secure environment for the ankles to heal. Some individuals may choose to wear ankle braces long term after an ankle injury to prevent future ankle injuries – this may be recommended by some health professionals, however a strength and conditioning program following your injury is the best way to prevent future chonic (ongoing) ankle problems or instability.

How Much Support Does an Ankle Brace Offer? 

The ASO ankle brace is a top of the line ankle brace recommended by health professionals globally. As a high support brace, the ASO ankle brace offers maximum structure, remarkable support and stability.

The support provided by the ASO ankle brace is adjustable for each individual using the figure 6 straps, lacing system and removable splints. Thus each person can tighten their ASO ankle brace for more support or loosen it for less support and more mobility.

What Is The ASO Ankle Brace Made Of? 

The ASO ankle brace is made from synthetic materials.

The ASO ankle brace is made in the USA.

What’s The Difference Between An Ankle Brace and Ankle Support? 

Ankle support is a generalised term used to describe any form of external structure and stability for the ankle – forms of ankle support can include strapping tape, ankle brace, compression support socks, CAM boot or Moon Boot or even a cast!

An ankle brace is a device which provides ankle support.

Can You Wear Shoes With An Ankle Brace? 

The ASO ankle brace is designed to fit into any shoe. Due to the added structure and thickness of the materials around the ankle the ASO ankle brace is best suited to fitting into runners. If you are recovering from an ankle injury or ankle sprain we would recommend you to wear runners regardless as these are often the most stable footwear option.

How To Use An Ankle Brace? 

  1. Place your foot with a sock into the ASO – ensure your heel is settled into the back of the brace.
  2. Securely lace up and tie the laces to the top eyelet as if you were tying up a shoe.
  3. Cross one ankle strap across the top of the foot, continue to wrap it under the heel and secure with velcro to the side of the brace – as if making a figure 6. Repeat with the other ankle strap.
  4. Adjust straps to tighten or loosen if needed.
  5. Wrap the elastic cuff around the ankle and secure it with velcro at the front of the ankle.

For More information on ankle braces and ankle injuries click here


ASO ankle brace measurement chart

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