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FS6+ Foot and calf sleeve knee-high, lightly ribbed, graduated compression (15-20 mm/Hg) with non-binding tops. Gradient compression delivers distributed compression to the calf and ankle. The degree of compression gradually decreases from the ankle to the knee. Compression support hose is generally expressed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury) and has 4 levels of pressure. FS6+ Foot and calf sleeve Compression Knee High Stockings provide a mild, non-prescription grade 1 of compression, which is ideal for tired, aching feet and legs, mild swelling and small varicosities.

Every pair of FS6+ Foot and calf sleeve High Socks includes comfort support stitching in the heel and toe. Made with Micro-Cool Lycra microfibers for a soft, cool, comfortable and stretchy sock. Anti-microbial agent wicks away moisture and prevents bacteria and fungus within the fiber, leaving the skin cleaner and healthier.

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