Extra Depth Diabetic Shoe

$189.95 Per Pair

SKU: hawthorn-stretch-bunions-diabetic-arthritis-relief-shoe

Closed neoprene stretch closed style shoe. This shoe features a biomechanical moulded innersole, adjustable velcro strap and a dual-layer neoprene stretch region along the forefoot. This stretch region allows the shoe to stretch both sideways and upwards to accommodate bunions and toe conditions. This shoe is ideal for sufferers of Diabetes, Arthritis, Claw Toes, Hammer Toes and Bunions.

SizeEU36/Womens US 5, EU37/Womens US 6, EU38/Womens US 7, EU39/Womens US 8, EU40/Womens US 9/Mens US 7, EU41/Womens US 10/Mens US 8, EU42/Womens US 11/Mens US 9, EU43/Mens US 10, EU44/Mens US 11, EU45/Mens US 12, EU46/Mens US 13


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