Mefix fixation tape


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Mefix is soft, flexible and conformable and can be used in a wide variety of situations tubes. A long lasting self-adhesive fabric which adapts to your body contours. Great for taping the toes to prevent blisters prior to hiking and taping toes into alignment.
Mefix fixation tape features:

  • Skin-friendly, water-based, solvent-free adhesive
  • Pre-measured protection paper allows for convenient measurement and cutting
  • Perforated split in protection paper for easy handling
  • Breathable and water repellent for dressing security and skin health
  • Soft, elastic non-absorbent and non-woven for comfort
  • Optimises performance of absorbent dressings

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5.0cm x 10m Roll White, 2.5cm x 10m Roll White


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