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PediCreme heel balm is used to prevent dry skin and will help repair damaged, rough dry and cracked skin is the product of choice by all podiatrists at Foot Centre Group.

When Should You Use PediCreme Heel Balm?

Pedicream is a thick and moisture rich heel emollient made to combat dry, flakey and even cracked skin. If you suffer from callous, dry cracked heels, fissures (heel cracks) or flakey skin on your heels or feet in general then pedicream is the moisturiser you have been thirsty for.

What Causes Dry, Cracked Skin?

There are many factors to dry, cracked skin. These include:

  • Genetics: did your parents pass on the dry skin gene?
  • Hot weather: are you exposing your heels to the elements in bear feet or sandals each summer? Skin can thicken in response to this to protect underlying softer skin
  • Cold Weather: if you are prone to cold feet in the winter this could be due to reduced blood circulation, less blood to our feet means less nutrients causing the skin on our feet to dry out
  • Dehydration: are you having your 8 glasses a day? If not, you may be dehydrated and hence, so is your skin!

PediCreme Heel Balm General Information

How It Works?

Walker’s Pedicreme Heel balm is the ideal daily foot treatment for preventing dry skin, cracked skin and callous. When used daily Pedicreme absorbs into skin to soften dry, hard and calloused skin to help maintain your skin integrity.

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient in Walker’s Pedicreme Heel Balm is Urea. Urea works in 3 key ways:

  1. Moisturises: Urea draws moisture into the skin to hydrate the layers, it is also hydrophilic (a magnet for water) so it also minimises water loss through the skin.
  2. Strengthens the Skin Barrier: Urea helps to renew and regenerate skin cells to keep the skins protective barrier strong!
  3. Chemical Exfoliant: Urea uses a chemical process to encourage cell turnover and help remove dry skin from the soles of our feet.

Walker’s Pedicreme Heel Balm has concentration of 15% Urea meaning it is perfect for the feet – especially thickened, calloused, dry or cracked skin.

When Will You See Results?

Most individuals see results within 2 weeks of using Walker’s Pedicreme Heel Balm. However, timing of results differs for each individual depending on the degree of dryness, thickness of your skin and frequency of use. If your skin is particularly dry or thick, seeing a podiatrist for a Medical Pedicure and removal of the thickness may be the best place to start, this will allow the Pedicreme to sink into deeper layers of the skin and deliver even better results. We recommend Daily application of Walker’s Pedicreme Heel Balm for the best and fastest results.

Directions For Use

Prior to applying Walker’s Pedicreme, having a Medical Pedicure with your podiatrist to remove excess callous will allow for best absorption of the Pedicreme

Walker’s Pedicreme Heel balm is best applied daily.

After a shower or bath, (or even a foot soak), apply a moderate amount of Walker’s Pedicreme Heel Balm to the surface of both feet.

Rub and massage the creme into the skin until absorbed.

Avoid applying the Pedicreme on sensitive areas such as areas or irritation redness or sores, instead focus application on the driest areas of the feet.

Avoid application between the toes.

Once absorbed it is recommended to put on socks to help reduce moisture loss. If you go without socks please be careful not to slip on floorboards or tiles.

Always patch test before applying.

For any questions or queries please reach out to your podiatrist or speak to your GP.


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