Ruck Instruments Callus Remover – Callus File

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The Ruck Instruments callus remover file is the product of choice by Foot Centre Group podiatrist for the treatment of calluses on feet.

Ruck Callus Remover Product Details

  • German engineered – Podiatrist approved Foot File
  • 5 stars reviews
  • Double-sided file, rasp for calluses on feet with coarse and fine finish.
  • Stainless steel
  • Characterized because of its durable and coarse filing surface. The coarse filling surface is suitable for the rapid removal of thicker layers of the cornea.
  • The coarse side is used for calluses and hard/dead skin, the fine side for finishing touches, and smoothing of skin.
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle
  • Length: 20cm

How Do You Use A Callus Remover?

First, feel your foot to determine where your problem areas are. These will be areas of firmer, harder skin – it may also have a slight yellow tint. Place your foot other the opposite knee so you have good visibility on the area you are working on. Flex your foot so the ball sticks out more and the skin is taught. Hold the file against the foot and use a downward motion to scrape off the skin.

If you are working on your heel, hold your foot steady by the ankle and rub the file back and forth. Occasionally stop to feel if your feet are soft enough or if you’re getting the right area.

Stop altogether if you notice any cuts, irritation or redness. If you do notice any cuts or abrasions, stop, clean the area with water and the apply betadine and a bandaid to decrease risk of any infection.

When you’re done, rub your feet down and clean them with a towel. Apply moisturizer after and massage into skin.

Always read the directions before using.

How Effective Is A Callus Remover File? 

A callous remover is highly effective at removing callus in between your podiatry appointments. As this device has a rough and fine side it can effectively remove hard callus buildup and smooth the skin for a softer appearance.

However if you have  significant callus build-up it may be best to visit a podiatrist before you commence using the callous remover. At a podiatry consult, the podiatrist will be able to remove the vast majority of your callus safely and effectively. To do this podiatrists use a scalpel to reduce the bulk of your hard skin then smooth the remaining surface with a sanding disc – called a Moore’s disc. Podiatrists are trained professionals in callus removal and have the facilities to do so safely and cleanly.

After visiting a podiatrist the callous file is a great tool to use at home – it is especially good as it can reduce your callus build up in-between podiatrist visits meaning you may not have to attend your podiatrist as regularly.

How To Get The Best From The Callus Remover 

To get the most out of your callous remover I would recommend the following techniques:

Firstly, removing callus can be difficult if your skin is particularly hard and dry. Removing hard and dry skin can lead to cuts, abrasions and possibly infections if not done correctly. To avoid this painful process we recommend that you shower, bath or soak your feet before using the callus remover. This will make your skin softer and allow for the callous to remove more easily.

Secondly, to prevent callus from coming back quickly it is very important to apply a moisturising cream to your feet regularly. We recommend using a cream with the active ingredient, urea, in it. Urea allows moisture to penetrate more deeply into the skin and helps the skin hold moisture for longer – it is also a gentle exfoliant and will help increase skin cell turnover and remove dead skin. Walker’s Pedicream is our favourite foot moisturiser with urea.

We also recommend cleaning your callus remover after every use this will ensure that it is clean and ready to go for your next use. If you don’t clean your callus remover, callus can become stuck and jammed within the device meaning it will not work as effectively. This could also hold bacteria and increase your risk of infection if you were to cut yourself when using the callus remover. Washing the device with warm soapy water will help keep it clean, you can also wipe over it with a disinfectant wipe to make sure it is extra clean.

Finally it is important to keep your skin tight when using the callus remover – this will make using the callus remover more comfortable and easy. However it will also allow you to remove the largest possible amount of callus each use.

We recommend using the callus remover 2 times per week for heavy/quick to build callus or once a week or fortnight for moderate callous. For light or mild callus use the callus remover when needed.

What Conditions Can The Ruck Callus Remover Treat? 

The callus remover is used to reduce callus. However can also be helpful to reduce pressure on corns on the soles of the feet.


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