Ruck Instruments Foot File With Wooden Handle

$26.00 each

Length: approx. 27cm
Measurement of the file/grain part: 20mm – 43mm

SKU: ruck-foot-file

Ruck Instruments Foot File Product Details

  • German engineered – Podiatrist approved Foot File
  • 5 star reviews
  • High-quality foot file designed with German Beachwood Handle.
  • Stainless steel
  • Characterized because of its durable and coarse filing surface. The coarse filling surface is suitable for the rapid removal of thicker layers of the cornea.
  • The coarse side is used for calluses and hard/dead skin, the fine side for finishing touches, and smoothing of skin.
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle
  • Length: 20cm

What Is a Foot File Used For?

A foot file is a great tool to use in between appointments with your Podiatrist. It is recommended to file down and calloused skin or corns to maintain optimal foot health, soften those hardened areas on your feet and also alleviate pain that callus can cause. A foot file is a handheld exfoliating product made from an abrasive material like emery or metal. It can be used to remove the tough dead skin from the feet and keep your feet and heels smooth and clean.

How Do You Use a Foot File?

First, feel your foot to determine where your problem areas are so you can work on those. Pick up a foot and put it on the opposite knee. Flex your foot so the ball sticks out more. Hold the file against the foot and use a downward motion to scrape off the skin.

If you are working on your heel, hold your foot steady by the ankle and rub the file back and forth. Occasionally stop to feel if your feet are soft enough or if you’re getting the right area.

Stop altogether if you notice any cuts, irritation or redness. If you do notice any cuts or abrasions, stop, clean the area with water and the apply betadine and a bandaid to decrease risk of any infection.

When you’re done, rub your feet down and clean them with a towel. Apply moisturizer after and massage into skin.

Always read the directions before using.

Is There a Difference Between a Foot File and Callus Remover?

A foot file is a more gentle way of removing callus and corns whereas a callus remover is usually a sharp tool. Even though a callus remover can be effective when used correctly, only professionals such as Podiatrists are trained in how much callus to take off, how to effectively remove a corn and how to use the tool correctly. It is not recommended for a member of the general public to use a callus remover as it usually causes more damage. A more safer and gentler option is to use a foot file in between appointments with your Podiatrist.

How Often Can I Use a Foot File to Remove Dead Skin?

You can use a foot file once a week. Foot care should be a daily thing, washing if nothing else. You can file a bit more often if you feel like you need to. Diabetics are very prone to calluses but should probably see an expert to get them treated. Do not use a foot file if you experience neuropathy as you may not realize you are hurting yourself.

Need Professional Advice? See One of Our Specialists

If you have painful and stubborn callus and corns, it is best to seek advice from one of our specialists. Our Podiatrists will be able to assess and treat callus and corns as well as create a management plan on how best to manage your callus and corns.

Make an appointment at HERE

These foot files can also be purchased online through our Foot Centre Group Page! Just search “foot file,” on our online store add to cart and payment can be made online. Shipping can be made throughout Australia.

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