PediMove Toe Protector – Gel/Fabric Corn Pad

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Tired of sore toes? Holding you back from the shoes you love? Expected to wear corporate shoes but can’t bear the pain? Have a special event, but already dreading the thought of the shoes you have to wear? Even in sports shoes toes can rub – whatever the presentation or cause, these little beauties may be just what you need!

PediMove Toe Protectors Product Overview

Gel Toe Protectors are a soft, flexible sleeve that can have a cap or open toe ending with a gel silicon or spandex lining. They are used for blisters, callus, corns, rubbing, pressure from digital deformities (eg hammer toes, claw toes, mallet toes), toe nail trauma and more!

Toe protectors are predominantly designed to reduce pressure or take it out of the equation.

Corns, callus, blisters, deformity and trauma all result as a direct impact of pressure and friction to that area. If the pressure is not removed or addressed these issues (listed above) will not get better or improve. They will in fact worsen causing increased pain, increased load of the skin and potentially skin breakdown which has complications of its own.

How Do Toe Protectors Work?

Toe proctors are easy to apply, you pull them on like a sleeve over an individual toe. Due to the whole sleeve lining it not only benefits the toe that is wearing the sleeve, but the adjacent toes also.

The sleeves have a cap which is ideal for problematic lesions affecting the toe nail or skin at the tip of the toe. Very useful for runners with traumatised nails, very thick painful nails that rub on toes or corns at the tip (or apex) of the toe. This helps shock absorption and assists the prevention of pressure.

If you do not need this feature, you are able to trim it off and have the toe open. This is beneficial for corns, blisters and rubbing in between the toes.

If you are suffering from a painful skin lesion you may need to see a podiatrist initially to assess, dress, remove or advise if alternate treatment is required. Please feel free to call us and chat to one of our friendly podiatrists here. 

Toe sleeves and gel toe protectors may be used to prolong your symptoms returning and increase time between your appointments with a professional. We hope they provide not only immediate relief but also long term relief.

When To Use PediMove Toe Protectors?

Toe protectors are extremely beneficial however there are some other factors to consider:

  • Ensure that your shoes fit correctly (Not too narrow, not too shallow, not too big or wide) – all of these things can influence pressure and friction in your shoes
  • What socks are you wearing? If you are prone to sweaty feet you may need a cotton sock or a sweat wicking sock. If you have very cold feet and fragile skin you may need a bamboo or wool sock. Read up more here. 
  • Have you had your biomechanics assessed? You may have further areas such as range of motion, strength and weakness or surgical concerns to be mindful of. Sound like there is more than just a corn going on or unsure how else a podiatrist can help? Read here for more information.
  • Foot Hygiene and emollient or product use can play a role in your skin lesion and treatment of your discomfort. Simple measures such as washing and/or soaking your feet and applying a cream or emollient recommended by a professional may greatly help your symptoms.

Once these measures have been taken and you need something more, Toe Protectors are here for you!  The gel from the lining significantly reduces the pressure around bony prominences.

Another one of the many reasons to purchase toe protectors are for our sports people! Ballet dancers whilst on pointe are known to love this product or footy players breaking in new boots.

How Long Can They Be Worn For?

The toe protectors and gel toe caps are washable and re-useable. We recommend that you wipe them regularly with an alcohol wipe in between uses.

Wash in warm soapy water regularly to reduce odour, bacteria and increase duration of wear. If they are too sticky you can apply a baby powder or talcum powder when they are dry. Ensure they dry naturally and be sure to remove them of a night time or when you sleep, let your skin breathe.

The products do wear out over time and need to be replaced when the lining becomes thinner. How quickly they wear out is a result of how much they are worn. Generally speaking, they will last several months – 1 year for optimum use and protection.

Be sure to monitor your feet when using the product when you have cracked or broken skin. It is important to consider risk of infection and if symptoms persist speak to your podiatrist or healthcare professional.

What Size Do I Need To Buy?

Generally speaking, the large size are for big toe or the hallux and the medium/small size are for the lesser digits. Depending on your anatomical variation this may alter.

The length of the gel toe protector is generous and they can be cut to size dependent on your needs and desired length. If you need help getting optimum comfort ask us to help!

If you think you may benefit from toe protectors or need advice please Book An Appointment right here! You may also fill your online orders but we recommend you seek advice before purchase.


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