There are a variety of reasons for booking in to see a Podiatrist. Routine foot care is on of the reason people see a podiatrist at our clinic. General nail care may consist of callus or corn removal. We also perform neurological assessments. Our Podiatrists can also treat any of your musculoskeletal foot complications due to the foot and ankle being such a complex mechanical structure. It is Interestingly made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Podiatrists are also able to give footwear advice also.

More often than not, we as humans can tend to take our feet for granted. To ensure this doesn’t happen and you don’t look at your feet years later and you regret not seeing a podiatrist, we have compiled a list of why you should come and visit a podiatrist here at Foot Centre Group to help with all your lower limb and foot problems .

Heel pain

Our feet are some of the hardest working parts of our bodies as they carry and shift our entire body weight and it can result in foot pain. When we overload or perform a new type of activity, the muscle of the foot can become uncomfortable and painful. Most people try to push through their foot pain, believing  that it will go away after adequate rest. However, after we rest we generally jump straight back into what we were doing prior only to see that the foot pain has become worse as a result of decreased strength and conditioning.  A Podiatrist can help by devising a strength and conditioning program tailored to your areas of weakness in order to get those feet fit and firing.  There are other treatment options to consider and discuss with your Podiatrist such as Shockwave therapy, dry needling or foot mobilisations and manipulations.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails are very common and are also known to be very painful.  A section of the nail digs into the skin known as the sulci. This can be very painful and also if  untreated can become infected. Our podiatrists will be able to remove this painful involuted nail and offer you some techniques to avoid it happening again or if it’s required, they may recommend performing a nail surgery to permanently fix the issue.

Callus and corns

Callus is a build up of hardened and thickened skin that can be seen in areas under constant pressure or friction. These areas of callus are not always painful but if the pressure is localised then hard and dead skin may form in the shape of a cone and dig into your skin, this is what is known as a corn. Corns can be painful from applied pressure whilst you are weight bearing.  Our Podiatrists can treat and help with prevention of calluses and corns during your consultation and debride the callous skin and enucleation of the corns, as well as offering offloading through padding or footwear advice.

Dry skin

Having dry skin is a very common issue but it’s also an avoidable one. If the skin becomes dry it can crack and open up which can become painful. This is commonly seen at the heels particularly in the warmer months with open toed shoes,thongs and sandals. Podiatrists can help remove this skin and guide you on how to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.


It’s recommended that all diabetics need to visit a podiatrist, both type 1 and 2 are seen at a minimum of once per year for an annual diabetes assessment.  The assessment involves inspecting the foot, its circulation and neurological status. This assessment allows your Podiatrist to understand your foot health and educate you around what complications can arise as a result of diabetes and educate from there as well as helping you maintain your feet on a regular base and prevent diabetes related complications.


Have you ever had anyone say you run funny?  Ever felt that you’re running poorly or incorrectly?  Or have pain in your feet when you run? Or even just want a professional opinion on how you move during your gait cycle? Then book in to see one of our Podiatrists as they can assess your gait to see if there are any issues. They can also suggest strength exercises to keep your running free.

Reduced Mobility

As we get older, we lose flexibility and strength which can make it hard to get down to check our own feet. By coming in to see one of our Podiatrists, they can help you take care of your foot care and needs.


Is your child complaining of constant heel pain that is preventing them from playing sports and running around at school? They may have a condition known as sever’s disease which affects the growth plate in the heel. Podiatrists can assess, treat and manage your child’s pain through a custom management plan to get them back into the sport they love, pain free.

Recurrent ankle sprains

Do you roll your ankle frequently? Need taping in order to play the sports you love such as football, soccer, basketball, netball or dance? Our Podiatry team can assess your ankles range of motion and strength to create a plan in order to build up your strength. This will help and may mean you can rely less on taping and braces.

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