Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment in the Bayside Area

A Biomechanical assessment involves assessing the alignment and strength of the foot, ankle, knee and hip. There are numerous reasons we may conduct an assessment including helping manage an injury, prevent future injuries or enhance athletic performance.

From our extension assessment we will then provide a specific strength program for your needs and goals, assess footwear needs or look at offloading techniques if necessary.

A biomechanical assessment involves an in-depth and thorough examination of how your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons move. This helps our podiatrist to determine what is hurting and why

Most of the treatments we use to help you are pain-free and will provide you with the instant relief you were searching for.

What to expect in from a biomechanical assessment

In a biomechanical assessment your podiatrist will:

  • watch how you stand and walk
  • review your current footwear
  • check the mobility and strength of your joints and muscles
  • discuss lifestyle and physical elements that impact on your legs and feet.
  • assess and discuss your specific symptoms (duration/pain/sensation etc.) as well as give advice on posture improvement, stretching exercises, and other treatment options and procedures.
  • If deemed clinically necessary, your podiatrist may also refer you for imaging (for example X-ray or ultrasound)

Why would you require a biomechanical assessment? Do you suffer from?

Lower Back or Heel Pain
Poor Posture, Hip, Back or Nerve Pain
Skin Conditions or Feet Ulcers
Poor circulation from diabetes
Laboured gait from being overweight
A foot deformity of some description
Bunions or ingrown toenails
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