MyAgedCare Funded Podiatry in the Bayside Area

All our eligible foot care podiatry services are able to be funded through My Aged Care.

At Foot Centre Group we base the management of our clients based on the goals they want to achieve which directly relates to short-term restorative care through MyAgedCare funding. The funding can support both consults at the clinic and also home visits if getting to the clinic is too difficult. You can also be funded for orthotics devices or other support and equipment you may require to achieve your goals.

Are you or someone you know in need of a MyAgedCare provider?

Foot Centre Group proudly supports all MyAgedCare participants, helping seniors live healthier and manage foot problems with our comprehensive podiatry services. Your short-term restorative care provider will work with you to identify your goals. They will then put together a team of health professionals to help you work toward them, including us as a podiatrist provider. At Foot Centre Group, we treat a wide range of conditions to the best of our ability to improve confidence, health and quality of life. Our team of Podiatrists are well equipped in helping everyone in our community to meet their goals.

Foot health is so important and many systemic factors are related when it comes to the management of your feet – We individualise everything to your needs. Anything from short term to long term care our team can put together a cracking a plan to help now, and into the future.

Foot Centre Group proudly supports all MyAgedCare participants.

MyAgedCare Service Request Form

This is suitable for participants who have a MyAgedCare plan
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