Onyfix Nail Correction in the Bayside Area

Onyfix is a nail correction system that offers pain free and safe treatment of ingrowing, involuted and split toe nails.

Ingrown or involuted toenails can be painful and can cause many complications. Onyfix provides an alternative solution for clients who may not be suitable for an ingrown toenail surgery, diabetic, pregnant, breastfeeding or have arterial compromise to their lower limb.

It involves a pain free composite application to the base of the nail by one of our experienced podiatrists. This acts as a brace and allows for the nail to reshape and naturally grow out in the correct position over several months.

Onyfix provides an alternative solution for clients who may not be suitable for an ingrown toenail surgery.

What you can expect & the benefit of Onyfix

Your podiatrist will file your nail and apply a primer across the nail plate to help adhere the composite to the nail

The Primer is cured with an LED light for 30 seconds

The onyfix composite is applied to the base of the toenail. Your podiatrist will individually assess your needs and apply a second band if required at the top of the nail.

The composite is cured with an LED light for 60 seconds

The composite will remain on your nail for 2-3 months. Further application may sometimes be required

Treatment can take up to 12 months to achieve desired toenail growth

Once the toenail has grown out to satisfaction the brace is painlessly removed and the nail continues to grow out healthy

*All nail polish, shellac and artificial nails must be removed before treatment*

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