Orthotics in the Bayside Area

Foot orthoses are specially designed insoles to support, align and improve the function of the foot and lower limb, reducing tissue and joint stress. They can be customised for different activities and different footwear. There are many different types, some for cushioning and pressure relief, and others for motion control and foot posture.

Some are customised from casts of the feet and others are standard devices modified to accommodate the foot or activity. They can be worn in a variety of shoes, as they are slim line, light and durable.

At Foot Centre Group our podiatrists are highly skilled in the prescription of orthoses. Unlike most, our clinics have a fully equipped onsite orthotic laboratory which ensures tailored and customised solutions with minimal downtime.

Orthotics can help you with:

Our podiatrists are highly skilled in the prescription of orthoses.

Cycling Orthotics can help you with:

At Foot Centre Group our highly trained podiatrists can prescribe custom cycling orthotics to prevent injury, help manage chronic injuries and enhance performance out on the road.

Cycling orthotics are:

  • Custom designed orthotics – every angle is specifically considered (the shape of the foot to the space of the shoe)
  • Aim to give every type of cycling athlete the edge of performance
  • Custom fit to ensure the orthotic contours the foot and shoe to maximise power transfer
  • They are manufactured using moisture resistant covers and carbon fibre shells
  • Only ever prescribed by podiatrists and manufactured by podiatrists

We work with professional bike fitters to make sure you get the most out of your experience

Upside of Cycling orthotics:

  • Improve pedal stroke
  • Decrease pain
  • Save watts
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve comfort
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