Common Cause Of Heel Pain

What is the common cause of heel pain and how to manage it? As podiatrists, we commonly see patients suffering from heel pain. Heel pain can be an indicator of many different conditions including [...]

Common winter sports injuries

Common winter sports injuries – How to treat and prevent them!   A lot of different sports are in peak season during winter. However, a lot of injuries can occur more frequently [...]

Ankle Injuries

Many insurance companies require a prior authorization for this drug. As with any medication, drug interactions can be an issue. Ankle Injuries   Whether it’s a twist [...]

Keeping your feet warm this winter

  Keeping your feet warm this winter!   Winter is a time to rug up and stay warm. However, feet are usually rejected during winter. It is important to look out for pathologies which are [...]

What is Shockwave Therapy

  Shockwave Therapy A quick and non invasive way to become pain-free At Foot Centre Group wear committed to providing you the best possible treatment to ensure you are pain-free in the [...]