What is the NDIS?

The national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) is an australian government run scheme that funds the support required for those living with a permanent or significant disability. The idea of the NDIS is to help people living with disabilities live a life of independence and confidence. The NDIS was developed by the national disability insurance agency (NDIA). The NDIA controls and has the final say on eligibility for the NDIS. Not only does the NDIS provide funding but they also provide information regarding services in the local communities. These services include schools, support groups and sporting clubs as well as health professionals. The NDIS is also overseen by the national disability insurance scheme quality and safeguards commission. They handle all complaints and put in place guidelines for all service providers and participants so that everyone is treated fairly and with dignity. The NDIS is run in every state and further information is available on their website regarding the NDIS in each state as this can vary.

Who is the NDIS for?

The NDIS is for those with a permanent and significant disability. Permanent is classified as a disability that is likely to for the rest of your life. Significant disability refers to a disability that greatly impacts your ability to complete everyday tasks. Not only is it for those individuals with the disabilities themselves but it also provides support to their families and caregivers as it can be difficult to both fund and find the required information to support the ones you love.

It aims to aid those people in finding the services they require to live a normal life, improving every day skills and gaining the confidence to go out in the world. They also provide funding for those services and for the equipment required in everyday life. The NDIS has an access criteria that can be found on their website, you can also call them to check if either yourself or your child are eligible.

There is also a section of the NDIS dedicated and catered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This information is directly related to the culture of the local community.

How does the NDIS help?

Once you or the person you are applying on behalf off have been deemed eligible by the National Disability Insurance Agency you can then begin your pathway through the NDIS. The first step with the NDIS is creating a plan tailored to the needs of the individual with the disability. The plan is built around your own personal goals whatever they may be and then the steps required to achieve those goals. You can have as many goals as you want and your NDIS contact as well as your carers will work through these with you to establish what equipment and services you will require.

The planning stage is broken down into two sections to make it simple to understand for all involved in the process. The first is how will I achieve this goal which is focused on what you can and need to do to achieve your goals. The second is how will I be supported which helps to understand and outline who will be providing the required support to aid in achieving your goals. You will not have to make your plan alone, you can seek out the help of your care coordinator or local area coordinator to get you started and establish a well organised plan. If your child is under the age of 7 then you will be assisted by an Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Coordinator, these coordinators specialise in the early development of children and seeking to achieve developmental milestones. This plan will also contain the total funding available to you so a plan can be created around this to ensure there is no financial burden.

Your NDIS plan will be reviewed a year after its initial implementation. This provides an opportunity to reflect on how it’s working and any changes that may need to be made. This can be both related to the support and services you have been receiving as well as changing a goal all together or setting a new goal.

How does support families with disabilities?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme also provides support and funding to the families involved. This can be through funding services for children with disabilities and also through funding services for parents with a disability. This also extends to funding training for both parties which are disability specific. The NDIS can also offer out of home care for all ages from children to adults living with a disability if this is required. They also support families through reducing the financial burden of the extra services and equipment that may be required including home modifications and wheelchairs. Therapies and behavioural support are also funded as well as services to help develop children’s skills. All this is done in order to allow those individuals to become more independent and reduce the pressure put on families to provide support.

You will also receive support from the Community and Government Family Services. This focus on raising awareness and providing information regarding both child safety and wellbeing as well as responding to any child protection complaints and issues. Like the NDIS they also help to fund out of home care which can include housing and allowances. They can also provide family with counselling and parenting classes focussed on improving parenting skills.

If you or your child are living in out of home care and being supported by your state government you will still have funding to receive the necessary support and services to achieve your goals and live an independent life.

What does the NDIS fund?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme funds a variety of support services which can include receiving support from someone or equipment. This is all linked back to your NDIS plan and goals, the funding is then allocated based on what you want to achieve or services required to improve your development and independence. According to the NDIS website the supports funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme include daily personal activities and the transport required to get to them. This transport is also provided to get an individual to economic, social and community services. They also fund any therapeutic supports ranging from podiatry to behaviour therapy. The NDIS will also provide funding to help find you employment or keep current employment by helping to make the workplace more suitable to your needs.

They also fund any modifications that can make your life more functional and independent. You can receive funding for modifications within your home allowing you to live there such as ramps for wheelchairs as well as any vehicle modifications that allow you to drive or get into a car safely. The NDIS also provides funding for any equipment required to allow you to be mobile and independent.

How it works at Foot Centre Group

All the services provided at Foot Centre Group are able to be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. At Foot Centre Group we base our management of our clients based on the goals they want to achieve both in the short and long term which directly relates to an NDIS support plan. The funding can support both consults at the clinic and also home visits if getting to the clinic is too difficult. You can also be funded for orthotics devices or other support and equipment you may require to achieve your goals.

If you are unsure if you are eligible or if the NDIS will fund your podiatry care you can check your plan or with your support coordinator. Our podiatrists are also happy to call or get in touch with your coordinators to discuss what funding you have available to you. This can differ greatly from person to person but it should be outlined in your NDIS support plan. Our podiatrists will also get in touch with any other support providers you may be seeing such as physiotherapy or osteotherapy to work together towards your goals and achieve the best outcomes for you.

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If you have any questions give us a call on any of those 3 numbers and we will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

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