Podiatry Tape


Tapes are used commonly in Podiatry for a range of reasons and can be tailored to individual needs. Sports Tape can be beneficial to assist you in faster return to activity post injury by supporting ligaments and muscles and by providing greater confidence to the individual. Taping methods can vary depending on the desired goal but ultimately acts to reduce range of motion in a particular joint whilst still allowing movement to occur. It can also be used as a proprioceptive tool to provide feedback to a particular part of the body to reduce the risk of re-injury. Soft tapes may also be used to prevent friction or skin irritation. All Podiatry tapes available have been sourced from professionals in the Podiatry industry who have hands-on experience with taping individuals regularly. Our Mefix fixation tape is an excellent tape to reduce skin irritation and can be used underneath the Rigid Sports Tape to improve longevity.

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