Diabetes and your Podiatrist

Diabetes and your Podiatrist

Podiatrist plays a pivotal role in helping diabetics to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Most diabetic treatment programs are covered under the EPC scheme

Circulation is critical for diabetic sufferers and mobility is fundamental to good circulation. However, diabetes can cause reduced blood flow to the lower legs and feet, causing significant muscle cramping after only a short period of activity.

Excess pressure on the feet soles can also lead to complications like blistering, ulceration and tissue breakdown and are leading causes of infection – which for diabetics can lead to amputation of feet or lower limbs.

Podiatrists help diabetic patients to stay mobile with regular check ups and treatments to their feet and lower limbs.

Some key tips for Diabetics:

1. Stay as active as possible to stimulate blood flow. Poor circulation can have disastrous results leading to limb amputation.

2. Maintain a strict schedule for health checks – including podiatry. This helps to prevent issues developing with your feet. Should you detect any changes in your skin condition on your feet or lower legs (including splits, cuts or ulcers) or increased tenderness, consult your podiatrist urgently.

3. Maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of clean water.

4. Always use clean footwear – discard old, smelly or dirty shoes or socks and try not to walk in bare feet or thongs!

5. Disinfect your shower, bathroom and household floors regularly.


Orthotics can be used to offload the affected areas and protect your feet. They also help you to keep good posture and body alignment which aids your capacity for healthy exercise.

Government EPC Scheme

As a registered diabetic you may be eligible to receive rebated podiatric treatment under the Government Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) scheme.

Our podiatrists are trained to assess all of these conditions and act quickly. come and chat to us about how you may qualify for an EPC referral.  

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