Speciality Socks


Specialty socks are worn with the aim to strengthen foot posture and its structure by acting to reduce a number of foot pathologies. They are specifically made to create a comfortable and cushioned sock with fabrics to enhance your everyday wear experience. Our Plantar Fascia Socks are made from sweat wicking materials including merino wool and nylon to reduce odour and enhance warmth. They are specifically designed to reduce foot pain relating to plantar fasciitis and heel pain whilst also reducing general foot fatigue from everyday activities or sport. They are seamlessly constructed and designed to your anatomical left and right foot making them extremely specific. Our Podiatrists recommend these socks due to their technology to support foot structures and ability to decrease discomfort or pain. The most popular colour amongst our Plantar Fascia socks is black, however they also come in white and are stocked in a range of sizes from small to extra large.

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